Panama City, 29 August 2022 (TDI): A trade delegation from the Balkan country of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Panama. The aim of this visit was to learn about investment opportunities, as well as strengthening bilateral trade relations.

The visiting delegation was headed by the Minister of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kosarac.

During the visit, the Minister of Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina praised the virtues and benefits of seeing Panama as a hub and a source of investment opportunities in different sectors.

According to the MICI (Ministry of Commerce and Industries) of Panama, it is the first time that a Balkan country has brought an official mission to Panama to learn about the competitive advantages that Panama offers.

During their time in Panama, the trade delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina held meetings with members of MICI of Panama, and with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Panama, Marta Elida Gordon.

Meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister of Panama

During the meeting, both sides discussed strategic plans to encourage bilateral trade and ways to boost the economies of both countries and the relations between the two countries.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Panama also encouraged strengthening the diplomatic relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, she said “these spaces are essential to strengthen our diplomatic relations”.

Meeting with the members of MICI (Panama)

During the trade delegation’s meeting with MICI members, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of the MICI, Juan Carlos Sosa, along with other directors of the MICI participated in the meeting.

Some other participants of the meeting included investors and leaders of business associations of both countries.

During the meeting, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of Panama said “We are pleased that more and more countries recognize the high potential of Panama as an investment destination and we appreciate the initiative of the government of Bosnia – Herzegovina to promote us among the members of the private sector in that country”.

Deputy Trade Minister Sosa further said, “We hope that as a result of this rapprochement important projects will arise for both nations”.

On this occasion, the National Director of Investment Promotion of Panama, Richard Kilborn, reiterated Panama’s vision of strengthening trade with more countries.

The National Director of Investment Promotion also invited and encouraged the visiting businessmen to invest in Panama and take into account the attributes of the Panamanian special regimes.