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Three days Doha peace talks


Doha, 13 August 2021: The second round of Doha talks was started on 10 August 2021 in Doha, Qatar. The three days peace talks took place from 10 August to 12 August. Several meetings have taken place in Doha, Qatar. According to reports, representatives from the United Kingdom, China, United States, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan, United Nations, and European Union met on Tuesday. They all gathered to evaluate the deteriorating and deplorable condition in Afghanistan and to try to restart the stalled Afghan peace talks. Russia convened an “extended troika” in Doha on Wednesday. The US special envoy for Afghanistan was present as were his counterparts from Pakistan, China, and Russia. On Thursday, special envoys and representatives from Germany, India, Norway, Qatar, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan also assessed the status of intra-Afghan negotiations.

On the first day, the talks began with the participation of envoys and ambassadors from the US, UK, EU, UN, China, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. During the meeting, it was informed that a ceasefire needs to be achieved for the political settlement in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, the Taliban’s offensive against Afghans was problematic for the actors. UNSC had expressed concerns over Taliban attacks as well. The Taliban had also captured several provincial capitals. U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to Afghanistan, Ross Wilson expressed his views that the Taliban’s statement does not match with their actions. It was discussed during the meeting that intra-Afghan dialogues have to be resumed, form an inclusive interim coalition government to carry out constitutional reform and general elections in the country. It was stated that the Taliban should put an end to the ongoing violence as soon as possible.

On the second and third day, envoys from the United States, China, and other countries called for an expedited peace process as a “matter of great urgency,” as well as an instant cessation of violence in Afghanistan. Following talks in Qatar, where envoys met with Afghan government mediators and Taliban representatives, a statement was issued assuring that the international community would not accept any government in Afghanistan that is “imposed by the use of military force.” Doha meetings aimed to reduce the deadlock in peace talks, as the Taliban launched offensives across Afghanistan, occupying provincial capitals. Regarding the Taliban offensive, the US intelligence said that the insurgents might take Kabul within three months. A statement was issued that urged an immediate cessation of attacks in Afghanistan and advised both sides to work together to attain a political settlement and peaceful resolution as soon as possible.

According to a Taliban spokesman, the government, not the Taliban, rejected the notion of a mediator. They also requested that the international community effectively identify the situation on the ground. On Thursday, the Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan gave a speech at the Troika in Doha. He stated that the Taliban are committed to address concerns through communication. They have established a political office for the same purpose as well. He claimed that the fault for the current situation lies in the fact that the agreement has not been properly fulfilled and that withdrawal of security forces has been prolonged beyond the agreed-upon time frame. He urged the international community to work toward resolving the problem of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The final statement was issued by both sides to accelerate the peace process. It was urged to reach an extensive political statement and immediate ceasefire. It was advised to form an inclusive government, respect for international human rights, and Afghanistan not to be used as a safe haven for the terrorists. The participants agreed to contribute to Afghanistan’s reconstruction when better negotiations between the two sides reached a viable political settlement.

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