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The International Image of Xiong’an New Area


Wang Ye 

To comprehend how Xiong’an New Area is perceived globally, we analyzed reports from prominent English-language media outlets published between December 31, 2021, and August 19, 2023.

Our sources encompassed a variety of platforms, including China’s CGTN, America’s Yahoo, CNN, Bloomberg, Politico, and Business Insider, Australia’s News.com.au and ABC, and the UK’s Guardian. This meticulous examination of diverse data has revealed several noteworthy insights.

Xiong’an New Area, positioned as a burgeoning economic zone, takes center stage in discussions about urban development.

Global media coverage underscores key themes such as technology, digital innovation, and the green economy. Depicted as a city of the future, it serves as a prime example of China’s innovative urban development strategies.

China’s CGTN provides a comprehensive overview, while Western media outlets, focusing on digital currency and sustainable technologies, contribute to a positive narrative.

Impressively, 74.58% of reports portray the New Area favorably, showcasing widespread global interest and optimism in its ambitious endeavors in digital finance, green development, and international trade.

Conversely, a mere 6.78% present a negative perspective, indicating a prevailing positive outlook on Xiong’an New Area’s initiatives.

In media distribution, excluding English-language media from China, the majority of reports originate from U.S. media agencies, with Yahoo leading the pack, followed closely by outlets from Australia.

Between December 31, 2021, and August 19, 2023, the volume of media reports on Xiong’an New Area has remained relatively consistent, experiencing only four notable spikes.

Among these, the highest occurred on May 11, 2023, coinciding with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Xiong’an New Area.

The reports predominantly focused on President Xi’s strategies and plans for transforming Xiong’an into a high-tech industry cluster area and a Future City free of urban diseases.

The exceptionally high media coverage on this day underscores the public’s keen interest and attention towards the blueprints and visions of Chinese decision-makers for the future city.

Analyzing the presented data, the international image of Xiong’an New Area is shaped in two key aspects:

Pilot city for China’s digital yuan

Xiong’an New Area is chosen as one of four trial cities for China’s digital yuan, garnering media attention for its financial innovation.

This focus positions the area as a critical player in establishing financial infrastructure to drive the digital economy.

The extensive media coverage contributes to portraying Xiong’an New Area as a pilot city for financial transformation.

A Future/New City

Serving as a connecting hub for Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, Xiong’an New Area’s urban development patterns hold significant importance, a focal point in news reports.

The terms “Innovation,” “New,” and “Future” are frequently employed in news releases.

The coverage, particularly on green technology and high-tech industries, helps establish Xiong’an New Area as a demonstrative model of a future city.


*The author is affiliated with the Pakistan Research Center, Hebei Normal University, China

**The opinions in this article are the author’s own and may not represent the views of The Diplomatic Insight. The organization does not endorse or assume responsibility for the content.

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