Special interview of the President of TRNC

Special interview of the President of TRNC Words of condemnation are coming from the leaders around the world, including the call for restraint from the United Nation’s Secretary-General, Mr. Bann Ki Moon; however, these are not enough to extinguish the fire of the outrage that has engulfed the entire Muslim world at the Eve of the anniversary of the sad incidents of September 11.


Special interview of the President of TRNC. The killing of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at a consulate in Libya after the mob storming the U.S. Embassy in Cairo supposedly were
incited to violence by a YouTube trailer of a movie, produced by an Israeli American who ridiculed Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). The incident echoes the protests over the infamous Danish newspaper cartoons in 2005 and marches in Islamic nations against a Florida pastor’s proposed Quran burning in 2010, Muslims have demonstrated outside the U.S. offices in a number of countries, including Iran, Iraq, and Tunisia.

These kinds of radical attitudes from any side are condemnable in any sense of the word. Occasional incidents like these are meant to tarnish the interfaith harmony around the world and provide more room for miscreants from all sides to take advantage to fulfill their sinister interests.

There is no room in any religion to disgrace the other. Islam is a religion that preaches tolerance, patience, and respect for others. There is an urgent need for constant dialogue and understanding among the religions so that such kinds of incidents must be avoided in the future.

Welcome development in Pakistan-India tumultuous relations front, finally a liberalized regime has been approved by both sides thus laying a stronger foundation for greater partnership between people of both the countries. The agreement was signed during the recent visit of India Foreign Minister S.M Krishna to Islamabad.

The regime applies many relaxations and immediate issuance of visas, which were not in
practice for a few weeks of time. Many of the stranded families were suffering because
of the unregulated acts of denial of visas to the people. As the relations between Pakistan and India are plagued by various historical factors and stereotypes, easier movement of the people from one country to another would help ease out of the us-versus-them kind of mentality.

Extremist groups and miscreants are bearing the fruit of the long-standing disputes and stranding relations wherein the governments on both sides are unable to move from their stereotypical located positions. The regime enlists many facilities from the minors to the old ones, businessmen to group tourists, cultural visas, and many others.

The move has been welcomed by all quarters of the country and around the world, but now the responsibility on both sides has been increased. It is easier said than done.

Expectations are high and the need of the hour has made arrangements of assurance of implementation of the new visa arrangements. Even if the idea is big and has been inked but unless and until does not properly follow would lose its worth.

Another step ahead is the much-awaited trip from Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Pakistan and this agreement would definitely pave the way for the much-desired encounter of two heads of state.
Words cannot describe the agony of the families of those who have lost their lives in the two major infernos that occurred in the factories of Karachi and Lahore in the past week. The stories about the disaster are all over the print and electronic media.

People are, until the writing of this editorial, looking for their loved ones in the debris of the factory in Karachi. Both governments of Punjab and Sindh have issued orders for the investigation to find out the reasons behind the sad events.

Nevertheless, there has become a norm in Pakistan that we always take action when some undesirable and larger disaster happens. Reports reveal that these kinds of incidents occasionally occur in industrial areas, but there have not been any safety measures taken by the administration of these industries that must be regulated by the authorities.

It is time and the need of the hour that ample action must be taken before any other such kind of incident occurs, and culprits must be brought to book for their inhuman acts and

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