The year 2021 has been unanimously declared by the UNGA through a resolution initiated by Turkmenistan as the International Year of Peace and Trust. This was a visionary and a forward-looking approach as the world is battling with the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

For the projection of peace and prosperity in the region and beyond, Turkmenistan has played a greater role. Through its foreign and regional policy conduct, Turkmenistan promoting the UN Agenda of 2030 and taking substantial steps to implement Sustainable Development Goals embedded in the entire Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for the period of 2019-2025.

This also reflects how meaningfully Turkmenistan is focusing on creating an atmosphere of peace and prosperity for all. It meant this to highlight the importance of preventive diplomacy, dialogue and through multilateral diplomacy, the world will be free from all kinds of conflict hence a prosperous world that everyone is on this planet is envisioning and dreaming for.

The role of Turkmenistan will remain at the forefront in making this dream a reality.  Turkmenistan’s permanent neutrality policy is a stance of a non-confrontational worldview that reflects the country’s honest and strict adherence to the UN Charter and principles, including all international legal statutes.

Last year was celebrated as the “Turkmenistan-Home of Neutrality” with a primary aim was to strengthen global understanding about the policy of positive neutrality of Turkmenistan.  The policy adopted by Turkmenistan is an international instrument to promote peace, stability, and development.

This policy is helping to promote international and regional peace and stability through the collaborative effort with the UN and other important international organizations. This unique policy was declared by Turkmenistan in July 1992 as part of its foreign policy and later on 12 December 1995, the UN General Assembly was adopted the “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan” unanimously by 185 member states.

Each year has been named by Turkmenistan as a special year and thematic importance is provided to highlight the significance of the country’s global standing at the national, regional, and global levels. Neutrality has remained at the heart-bed of the country’s national ethos.

It is how the country has been defined by the very fact that it is preaching world peace and humanitarianism. The status of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan has been recognized by the United Nations General Assembly after passing of resolution recognizing December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality.

Over the past three decades, Turkmenistan has promoted the culture for dialogue and peace in the region and globe. Turkmenistan has remained the outstanding custodian of the UN charter of hope, peace, togetherness, and values of international cooperation. This year’s slogan is important to consider when the world is faced with multifaceted challenges including COVI-19.

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These are the times that require the world to come together, forget all the conflict, and promote peace and prosperity. Turkmenistan has adopted this characteristic of its foreign policy of permanent neutrality as a logical extension of its domestic policy.

Similar to other nation-states across the globe, the foremost aim of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy is to protect and strengthen the state’s sovereignty and increase its role and importance in the global political system. While believing in the principles of the UN Charter and following the compliance of international law and treaties, Turkmenistan is constructively engaged with global partners based on equality and mutual respect.

Pakistan and Turkmenistan’s time-tested friendship is turning thirty years old with thousand splendid suns shining bright to reflect the sense of togetherness and support in a rock-solid way. Over the past three decades, robust relations continued to grow in diverse directions from policy levels to cultural cooperation, energy sector, and trade, people to people ties, cooperation in education and research fields.

With sharing of the similar insights on global and regional issues, Pakistan and Turkmenistan continuously supported each other in building global peace through dialogue and diplomacy.

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TAPI Pipeline reflects our strong close partnership and cooperation.

Pakistan stood by Turkmenistan on its important foreign policy stance of permanent neutrality. On the other hand, Turkmenistan supported Pakistan on not only global and regional issues but offered huge energy and connectivity projects that can change the fate of the country.

As a result of the visionary leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan is one of the most widely respected nations on the global stage for promoting the values of peace, prosperity, and development.

Pakistan-Turkmenistan Dosti Zindabad

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