The Diplomatic Insight Magazine for June 2022 has been published.

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The Queen of England celebrated her Platinum Jubilee with blockbuster week-long celebrations across the Commonwealth world in more than 80 countries of the world.

These celebrations were meant to pay homage to 70 years of the Queen’s outstanding service to the UK and the Commonwealth.

The celebrations were coinciding with the Queen’s 96th Birthday. Queen’s steadfast leadership and unwavering service throughout the years have inspired global attention toward building cooperation, development, and peace in the world.

During her lifetime the Queen took 260 official visits overseas including 100 state visits with two in Pakistan in 1961 and 1997.

Apart from the commitment to the service and leadership to UK and Commonwealth, Queen is supporting countless charities and offering awards to the outstanding community volunteers across UK and Commonwealth.

While Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations were ongoing, Pakistan and UK celebrated their 75 years of the strong bond and partnership that lasted.

As an important member of the Commonwealth, Pakistan has a special place in UK’s global presence and engagement, especially in South Asia and larger Asia.

Both countries are built on a strong and deep tie based on our 1.6 million diasporas living in UK and nearly half a million visits apart from nearly 100,000 British nationals living in Pakistan working in various capacities.

The presence of such a huge number of diaspora and regular exchanges has led to the strength of relations for the past 75 years. Pakistan-UK relations at the 75, there were several ups and downs however the resilience of people and their strength has turned every obstacle into a milestone.

For instance, the England cricket team will be visiting Pakistan in autumn, ending a 17-year wait. The 75-year anniversary is a time to reflect on the challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and milestones that both countries can create for future generations.

Both countries are working towards building strong partnerships to increase economic cooperation especially when Pakistan is struggling to find that economic balance. Through an open and strong economy and potential for investments, the UK is ready to invest and cooperate with Pakistan.

The UK is Pakistan’s largest trading partner and is the third-largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The UK is also supporting Pakistani youth to seek better skills and education through various programs especially the scholarships and training by the British Council and others.

Diaspora doctors have earned recognition for playing a crucial part in the National Health Service’s response to COVID-19. The “diaspora diplomacy” has been a significant factor in Pakistan’s relationship with the UK.

As a legacy of cooperation grows between the two states, the next 75 years of Pak-UK aik saath will continue to foster forward.

This June Diplomatic Insight Group organized the Global Ambassador Awards for paying homage to Ambassadors from different countries of the world based in Islamabad. The event is meant to recognize the outstanding Ambassador / High Commissioner / Head of Mission in Pakistan for their services in the promotion of the relationship between Pakistan and the respective countries.

The Awards acknowledge the services of Ambassadors and diplomats, heads of international organizations, and businessmen. These awards are presented for the promotion of people-to-people contact, business, trade, and constructive bilateral relations with their respective states.

Apart from Ambassadors, Heads of the UN agencies and different business groups also received awards. The awards are hosted annually as an acknowledgment of their services on the behalf of the people of Pakistan. They recognize the contribution to furthering Pakistan’s trade and economic relations on a global scale. Moreover, they aim to encourage awardees’ momentous and tireless work for promoting political, economic, cultural, education, people-to-people contacts, and development work.

The awards recognize nominees for outstanding achievements in furthering the softer image of Pakistan and vice versa. Subsequently, a committee of distinguished experts from various backgrounds nominates the winners of this exclusive award.

Diplomatic Insight group extends warm congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to all the Global Ambassador Award winners including Ambassadors of Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Palestine, Qatar,  country representatives from UNAIDS and WFP, Former Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Honorary consul general of Sri Lanka and Paraguay.

We all can together make a difference and transform impossible into possible for our people, countries, and across the globe.


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