The day of the proclamation of neutrality by Turkmenistan is being celebrated as an important occasion and the second most significant event after Independence Day. The day has a special and distinct place in the national ethos of the country. It was on 12 December
1995, when Turkmenistan-one of the leading resource-rich country in Central Asia opted
to define its foreign policy discourse as a neutral and peaceful country.

The stance was endorsed by all the member countries of the UN during the summit in 1995. Peaceful in nature with having an essence of respect for others, promotions of cultural co-existence, values, and traditions, the policy of positive and constructive neutrality of Turkmenistan has gained much respect hereafter.

Turkmenistan has always remained a forbearer of peace, prosperity, and development in the world and region. In order to continue cooperation, even after remaining neutral
and progressive, President of Turkmenistan, Mr.GurbangulyBerdimuhamedov has a dynamic approach towards building and developing relations with the regional and international partners.

The country is expanding its horizon of having better relations and recently built closer cooperation with the neighbors and other countries. We have seen that during the building of multiple pipelines and kick start of various domestic, regional and international joint ventures.

It is significant to note here that the approach of having a neutrality policy is in concurrence with the wishes and aspirations of the people of the country, who were provided with favorable conditions for development, but also peace and security by creating a zone of stability and constructive cooperation in the conflicted Central Asian Region.

The country has taken several steps including the transition to the market, economy to provide social and economic security to the citizens for their better participation in the development of nation and state. The mainspring of the social developments also emphasizes the main direction, the spirit of which was expressed in the twin motto by the President of Turkmenistan in his address to the council of elders on 6 March 2009 – ‘State for the Individual’ – ‘Individual for the State”.

Keeping this motivation as a defining factor, Turkmenistan’s government is having several engagements to address the issues of domestic development. More than 70 percent of the state budget is allocated annually for the social sector along with an annual rise of public welfare payments including salaries, pensions, disability benefits, and student stipends. Heavy construction is carried out within the country including building modern schools, universities, clinics, and state of the art hospitals, sports facilities, and other basic
necessities are provided to the citizens.

The main spirit behind these developments within is that an internationally Neutral Turkmenistan is actually an economically strengthened, socially forward-looking, culturally enchanted, and prosperous country within.

The peaceful and determined nature of Turkmen people is reflective of the learning form
their great ancestors also, who have always advised them to remain united and firm in
their stances and resolves. The great Turkmen poet Magtymguly in his poetry has expressed several times this desire for a united, peaceful, and prosperous nation.
If Turkmens would only tighten the Belt of Determination They could drink the Red Sea in their strength.
So let the tribes of Teke, Yomut, Gokleng, Yazir, and Alili Unite into one proud nation.
A neutral and prosperous Turkmenistan is utilizing its wealth of extraction of hydrocarbons
through pipelines, electricity generation, and building communication infrastructure with
the neighboring states, facing a dearth of energy resources and looking for ways to meet the growing demands of energy requirements.

Turkmenistan’s neighborhood is marred with the complexity of terrorism and an entrenched web of conflicts of various natures and intensities. The country is not only outreaching to the neighboring states for providing opportunities for getting high valued resources in order not only to make the factories and mills work smoothly. These energy pipelines, electricity transmission lines, rails, and roads will create new jobs and hence peace and prosperity in the region facing a dearth of development.

Several projects are underway including the construction of unconventional links between the states and the use of effective and correct energy diplomacy with the states has made Turkmenistan a nucleus of the international energy web.

Neutral Turkmenistan is also working closely with the United Nations to promote peace and
humanitarian issues of the region and the world. Turkmenistan is also providing assistance to Afghan refugees within the country along with sharing energy/electricity to the border regions of Afghanistan connected to Turkmenistan.

In order to promote peace and regional cohesion, Turkmenistan’s role is laudable. The country is sharing smiles and happiness with the people of the region by providing opportunities for cooperation in several areas including gas and energy hence improving the livelihoods.