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Elections in Uzbekistan


Elections in Uzbekistan

Editorial ( Elections in Uzbekistan )

Parliamentary elections of the legislative chamber of the Parliament (Oliy Majlis) in Uzbekistan were held on December 21, 2014. There were four political parties including The Liberal Democratic Party; Adolat (Justice) SocialDemocratic Party; the Milliy Tiklanish
(National Revival) Democratic Party; and the People’s Democratic Party registered with Central Elections Commission (CEC) to take part in the elections.

These four political parties have nominated their registered 535 candidates including 170 women, for 135 constituencies. To witness such an outstanding event, CEC of Uzbekistan
registered more than 300 observers from almost 40 countries including Pakistan.
This multiparty system of the country was meant to formulate and execute the foundation of democratic principles within the country hence increasing citizen’s voices at the decision-making bodies.

The event has also a political-strategic significance in making a solid the foundation of country’s socio-economic development and its outlook towards the new millennium with enthusiasm and grand democratic spirit. It is significant to note here that Uzbekistan
is passing through a democratic transition and transformation phase since the adaptation of the “Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the
country” in November 2010 and later amendments in the constitution for political change in recent years.

The elections on December 21 are the result of these reform measures hence auguring well for smooth organizations of elections and development of civil society in the country. One of the outstanding development and a decision by the farsighted leadership of President Islam Karimov is that taking a keen interest in dealing with rising environmental challenges faced by the country.

In order to deal away with, the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, which is registered as a political party in the country, fifteen out of 150 seats of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan is reserved for this movement. This has been done in 2008 under the revised
electoral reforms within the constitution.
The year bloody 2014 year ended with the sad and brutal killings of 140 precious, young and innocent lives of Peshawar, which has caused many hearts to bleed and tears were
unstoppable. But what are appalling were the methods that were being used by the terrorists to brutally kill those young children.

The heinous crime done by the terrorist was unable to break down the resolve of us all. It has although united us for a few days, the divisions are so entrenched in our lives that these events seem just a small jolt for us to only move again on the same lines. Analysts say that the APS attack was the toxic fallout of the fundamentally flawed approach to national security policy based on tactical, unsustainable, and disastrous lines of thinking and action.

However, with the terrible Peshawar tragedy, the public consensus against terrorism has built up and the nation is united for solving this issue and rooting this out from society. It is a moral and professional failure of our arrogant and ossified security leadership as well as the inept civilian rulers who need to subject themselves to honest soul-searching and introspection at individual and institutional levels.

The nation needs to work together and set the course right in order to get deal with
the menace with solid hands. This situation is calling us to address the root causes rather than symptoms by not only investing in our systems to be better functional but to work in a better way to make Pakistan one of the leading and developed nations in the world.
The Diplomatic Insight felicitates and extends heartfelt Merry Christmas to all
friends across the globe.


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