Beijing, 20 February 2022 (TDI): The hard work and passion of the Chinese athletes were witnessed by the world in the Beijing Olympics 2022. China won overall 15 medals, in which they were honored with nine gold medals, four silver, and two bronze. This Olympics has been a great victory for China.

The proud moment for Chinese people was when Wenjing Sui 隋文静 and Cong Han 韓聰 achieved a best-ever result for China and turned silver into a gold medal, setting World Record by 0.06 points: 239.88 (FS 155.47).

Flag bearer of China Gao Tingyu and Xu Mengtao
Flag bearers of China Gao Tingyu (R) and Xu Mengtao (L)

In addition to this, Xu Mengtao and Gao Tingyu created history by winning their respective tournaments. Xu became the first Chinese to win an Olympic gold medal in freestyle skiing aerials, while Gao became the first Chinese to win an Olympic speed skating title.

Xu, a freestyle skier, and Gao, a speed skater, have been picked as Team China’s flag bearers for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony, which is being held today.

The Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies mark the official start – and end – of the competition. The ceremonies encourage spectators to learn about the culture of the country hosting the Games through music, song, dance, and fireworks.

China has third position at the Olympic medal table
China has the third position at the Olympic medal table

The Olympic Games have already been played for the second time in six months, with the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing which is nearing its completion.

All events were completed and all medals were awarded in both the summer and winter, despite various obstacles and an unusual Olympic timeline caused by the postponing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While athletic victories might help a country’s status, hosting big international sporting events offers countries additional possibilities to showcase their cultural and technological achievements to the rest of the world.

Chinese athletes that won gold
Chinese athletes that won gold

These variables were present when China held the 29th Olympic Games in the summer of 2008, and are present again in 2022 when Beijing hosted the 24th Winter Olympic Games.

The Chinese system enlists the help of the government to identify tens of thousands of students for full-time training at over 2,000 government-run sports institutions.