Busan, 26 October 2022 (TDI): Sirojiddin Muhriddin, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan participated in the Session of Foreign Ministers of the Cooperation Forum of “Central Asia-the Republic of Korea.”

The session of forum was held in Busan, a city in South Korea on 25th October 2022. A delegation of high officials accompanied the Foreign Minister of Tajikistan.

Comments of Sirojiddin Muhriddin

The Foreign Minister of Tajikistan addressed the participants of the forum. He shared his country’s vision through his speech. He stated that Tajikistan intended to utilize the forum at its best.

The country seeks to expand the bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the member states. It also intends to enhance collaboration for the accomplishment of sustainable growth within this operative layout.

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Sirojiddin Muhriddin also highlighted the significance of the development of good relations between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea (ROK).

He also stressed the need for the expansion of a cooperative partnership between the countries of Central Asia. He emphasized the consolidation of multilateral relations and identified them as an important source to achieve the targeted goals of the forum.

Synopsis of the Meeting

On the sidelines of the Session of Foreign Ministers of the Cooperation Forum, five thematic meetings were arranged.

These assemblies particularly addressed the mutual issues and prospects in significant fields including healthcare, digital cooperation, economic security, tourism, environment, and energy in person and virtual forms.

The representative of member states swapped opinions and interpretations on multiple significant issues of mutual interest defined on the agenda.

The participants also concentrated on the expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation and the enactment of shared projects.

The meeting was concluded with the adoption of the Joint Statement of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Work Plan of the Secretariat of the Central Asia-Republic of Korea Cooperation Forum for 2023.