Dushanbe, 9 January 2022 (TDI): Graduates of the Generation Unlimited from the UPSHIFT program presented their social entrepreneurship ideas during the International Youth Forum in Dushanbe, on 4 January.

According to the note; UPSHIFT is a youth-oriented skill-building program to empower adolescent girls and boys. The project is for a successful transition from school to a professional and productive, which means an active life.

Furthermore, the participants of the program also stated that aside from starting their entrepreneurship projects; they are also developing their soft skills and establishing friendships with mentors and other participants.

The program introduced the graduates to the process of developing projects, from idea to its implementation, meaning the world of entrepreneurship. In return, the graduates are solving the social problems of their communities and creating jobs.

These projects, therefore, addressed the unhealthy eating habits of the young generation, bullying at schools,  and unemployment. The projects also included actions to tackle the shortage of water supplies and other eco-related issues. 


Raboniddin Makhmudov, the founder of the outsourcing company Rus Chi translation service in Khujand, was also present at the fair. Makhmudov stated that their objective is that students who went abroad can find a job when they return. Furthermore, he added that considering the COVID-19, remote jobs are extremely important.

Raboniddin Makhmudov, founder of Rus Chi Translation Service Company at International Forum in Tajikistan
Raboniddin Makhmudov, founder of Rus Chi Translation Service Company at International Forum in Tajikistan (Generation Unlimited/UPSHIFT)

The note mentioned that Makhmudov used to work as a tour guide, but then finished his studies in China. According to him, he faced the fact that many young people back home could not find work.

Furthermore, Makhmudov decided to create those jobs himself, so his connections and mentor’s advice in the UPSHIFT program on impact sourcing were useful.

Currently, his company employs 30 young people, and one important advantage in the Chinese market is their affordable price. That is because the prices of his company are on average 2-3 times cheaper.


Another UPSHIFT project belonged to Asliya Boturova, called AirFresh, that reflects the needs of the modern realities. Boturova created a device installed in the apartments of COVID-19 patients.

Asliya Boturova, founder of the AirFresh UPSHIFT project at the Forum
Asliya Boturova, founder of the AirFresh UPSHIFT project at the Generation Unlimited/UPSHIFT Forum

Boturova remarked that due to the pandemic, the world was turned upside down, so that’s why her team wanted to contribute to the world’s efforts. The AirFresh is a device for contactless hands sanitizing, and also an air purifier, due to the hot climate in Tajikistan.

According to Boturova, the product disinfects the air by the ultraviolet lamp inside the box and it not only helps circulate the air in the room but also sterilizes it.


Mashhura Masudkhodzha’s team didn’t make it to Dushanbe, but they still presented their two projects. The first one is “Status” and it is about providing training on graphic design and SMM for women on maternity leave.

According to the team, the project would allow them to work remotely from home. 10 young women completed the first round of training, and from those 10, four found jobs. On the other side, Hello Grandson was a series of videos that the team made to teach the older generation how to use gadgets.


According to Samira’s team, with Self-Esteem, they wanted to invite psychologists and opinion leaders to meet with teenagers aged between 14-16 years. Their objective was to show teenagers that they are not alone and that many have similar problems.

They also remarked that through their project, many teenagers can become volunteers and help others after passing an interview.


This team has four members: Mirzoeva Amina, Abdullaeva Mahnoz, Kasymova Sevinch, and Yusupova Sabrina. They created their project to present at the Forum, and it was the Anti-bullying club Dushanbe.

According to the note, the focus of the team and from the previous project is the peer-to-peer education system. According to the note, the Anti-bullying club is about joint actions against various types of bullying in schools.

Team of Anti-bullying club Dushanbe (UPSHIFT) during the Forum
Team of Anti-bullying club Dushanbe (UPSHIFT) during the Forum

Furthermore, it is important to mention that the girls conduct peer-to-peer training; and that in one year, they conducted 10 trainings. Thanks to those 10 peer-to-peer trainings, they reached more than 150 teenagers from grades 5 to 10.

During the worse point of the pandemic, the team also offered mental health consultations to teenagers that required it. Amina stated that it is important for teenagers to understand what is bullying, and how to deal with it.

Moreover, according to her, to do it they created thematic comic books, stickers, and calendars, with the message of stop the bullying; and say no to bullying. Amina then added how happy they were that the school principal of their school supported them and allow them to conduct training there.


Mehrona Butaeva is 17 years old and she is from Dushanbe. Her project received the title of Innovative youth, which has the objective of raising public awareness on the issues of gender-based violence.

She stated that life without violence is everyone’s right and should be protected better. To achieve it, she sells custom-designed magnets with key messages online, to draw attention to the issue through them.

According to her, even the salt feels like sugar when we cook together! Respecting your wife is an honor! A non-violent life is everyone’s right.


Parinoz project is Right Cookies, and its objective is to address people’s lack of awareness about their rights and gender inequality. The baked cookies have quotes about human rights and the UN’s global goals.

Right Cookies Project showcased during the Forum (UPSHIFT)
Right Cookies Project showcased during the Forum (UPSHIFT)

Then the note mentioned the project Just Soup created by Fotima Khamidova, Dilorom Khamidova, Shukrona Majidova, Shabnam Majidova, and Takhminai Dilshodi. Through their project, they wanted to offer young students an alternative and healthy food option; as they offer two kinds of soup: mushroom and lentil.

According to the note, those are the two most popular flavors among the students. Khamidova remarked that improper dieting and snacking are the causes for several health problems, as junk food is the main problem.

Khamidova then added that their soups are popular due to their affordable prices, and they serve them in paper cups; and also the clients can eat them with a spoon or a straw.


Farzona Khamidova established her project in 2020, under the name of Eco Nation. Within the project, people sell custom-made shoppers with national patterns as an alternative to plastic bags.

She hired 2 seamstresses who make handy bags with adras and Chakan embroidery, and she makes bean bags. Finally, she also gives a second life to used plastic bottles.


Osama Makkawi Khogali, UNICEF Representative in Tajikistan, was also present at the Forum (UPSHIFT). Khogali mentioned his inspiration by the stories and ideas showcased at the Forum, and how great it was that young people are creating jobs in their hometowns.

He then added that if the younger generation keeps looking for opportunities and find new jobs, it will help to support the economy.


Generation Unlimited ” (GenU) under the UPSHIFT program contributes to the global youth empowerment partnerships helping young people in the world to develop skills for their professional future.

Alongside public and private sector partners, GenU will seek to provide assistance, brokering, and funding to ‘turbocharge’ existing initiatives where young people are enabled to achieve their full potential.