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SUHAKAM 22nd anniversary in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 9 September 2021 (TDI): Malaysian Foreign Minister, Dato’ Saifuddin bin Abdullah congratulated the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, SUKHAM on its 22nd anniversary. The organization is to conduct a virtual meeting to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals in relation to the re-accreditation process.

According to the official press statement of the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Dato’ Saifuddin appreciated the SUKHAM for its performance and its active role. He further said that SUHAKAM has been always active, especially in raising awareness campaigns in reference to human rights education. In his official statement, he highlighted the role of SUKHAM in Malaysia’s National Human Rights Plan (NHRAP) for national human rights schools. Lastly, he thanked SUKHAM for engaging and helping the government’s commitment to a universal periodic (UPR) review mechanism.



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