Strasbourg, 29 August 2023 (TDI): ICCities in Placemaking are excited to announce the upcoming Placemaking Week Festival, scheduled to take place from September 26 to 29 in the picturesque city of Strasbourg, France.

The event promises to be a groundbreaking gathering of global place makers, united to explore innovative strategies for creating inclusive and sustainable urban spaces.

Placemaking Week Europe brings together an international community of place makers, thought leaders, and city officials annually.

Hosted in a new city each year, the event serves as a melting pot of expertise, ideas, and actionable insights.

This dynamic forum aims to catalyze urban transformation by discussing placemaking strategies, launching initiatives, and fostering collaborative city-municipality partnerships.

Strasbourg, a city with democracy, ecology, solidarity, and equity, sets the stage for this year’s festival. The city’s commitment to reshaping public spaces through a gender-inclusive lens underscores its role as a pioneer in progressive urban development.

As one of France’s most bicycle-friendly cities, Strasbourg’s green ethos resonates with its mission to enhance sustainability. Place-led development, highlighted by the transformation of the old harbour, showcases Strasbourg’s prowess in reimagining urban landscapes.

Placemaking Europe thrives on cross-cutting themes, with this year’s focus aligning seamlessly with Strasbourg’s objectives.

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The festival will delve into three overarching themes: Placemaking for Civil Engagement, Placemaking for Equity, and Placemaking for Ecology.

Expect an enriching festival experience with a diverse lineup featuring 7 keynote addresses and over 50 interactive workshops and sessions.

The program boasts a plethora of engaging activities, including outdoor events, site visits, captivating performances, and more.

Placemaking Week Europe 2023 offers a comprehensive platform to exchange ideas and chart the course for transformative urban evolution.