Beijing, 21 February 2022 (TDI): Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics came to an end on 20 February, hosted in Beijing, China. Indeed, this Sportif international event started on 4 February.

For this winter Olympics,  Beijing welcomed approximately 3,000 athletes from 91 countries gathered in Beijing excluding coaches and officials.

South America at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games 

Like from other Continents or regions, Athletes from South America also participated in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games.

Brazil has the largest presence, while Ecuador and Peru have one participant each. Below, find a list of the South American countries that participated in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


From Brazil, ten athletes took part in Winter Olympics 2022. In Brazil’s team, six men ºand four women competed in five different disciplines.

Brazilian Team Bobsleigh
  • In Bobsleigh, four athletes Rafael Souza da Silva, Edson Ricardo Martins, Jerónimo Erick Gilson Vianna, and Edson Luques Bindilatti took part.
  • The cross-country skiing, three athletes Manex Silva, Eduarda Ribera, and Jaqueline Mourao. 
  • Alpine skiing, an athlete Michel Macedo took part.
  • In freestyle skiing, an athlete Sabrina Cass took part.
  • Skeleton, an athlete Nicole Rocha Silveira took part.

From Argentina, six athletes took part in Winter Olympics 2022. In the Argentinean team, two men, and four women competed in four sports.

Argentina Team at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
  • Alpine skiingtwo athletes Francesca Baruzzi Farriol and Tomas Birkner de Miguel.
  • In cross-country skiingtwo athletes Franco Dal Farra and Nahiara Diaz Gonzalez.
  • For lugeone athlete Veronica Maria Ravenna took part.
  •  On the discipline of speed skating,  Veronica victoria Rodriguez Lopez.

From Chile, four athletes took part in Winter Olympics 2022. Chile sent two men and two women to compete in three sports.

Emilia Aramburo
  • In Alpine Skiing, two athletes,  Emilia Aramburo and Henrik Von Appen.
  • Yonathan Jesus Fernandez for the cross-country discipline. 
  • In freestyle skiing, an athlete Dominique Ohaco.


From Columbia, three athletes took participated in Winter Olympics 2022. Colombia at the game sent two men and one woman competing in three disciplines.

  •   Laura Gomez took part in Speed skatinga female athlete
  • In alpine skiing, Michael Poettoz will represent Colombia
  • In cross-country skiinga male athlete Carlos Andres Quintana took part.  
The Colombian delegation at Beijing 2022 winter Olympic games.

From Bolivia, two athletes took participated in Winter Olympics 2022. The Bolivian team had two men competing in two sports.

  • In alpine skiingan athlete Simon Breitfuss Kammerlander took part.
  • In cross-country skiing, an athlete Timo Juhani Gronlund.
The Ecuadorian delegation at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

From Ecuador, one athlete took participated in Winter Olympics 2022. 

  •  Athlete Sarah Escobar took part in the alpine skiinga female

From Peru, one athlete took part in Winter Olympics 2022. 

  • In alpine skiinga female athlete Ornella Oettl took part to represent  Perú in Winter Olympics 2022.

All of these participants participated in their respective sports. They all did their best, unfortunately, none of the participants won a medal for their country. To conclude,  all the participants are optimistic for the next Olympics and wish to fulfill their dream of a medal.