Antananarivo, 3 August 2022 (TDI): SOS Children’s Villages is running a relief program in Madagascar as the country is facing food insecurity and hunger crisis, surge climate change.

This is the worst drought in Southern Madagascar in the last 40 years.

Extreme food insecurity has affected approximately half of the population of Madagascar. SOS Children’s Villages USA has assisted 22,000 families so far through its relief program in Madagascar.

Due to climate change, farming has become almost impossible. Malnutrition has affected over a million people, including an estimated 500,000 children under the age of five. 110,000 children have already suffered permanent growth and development problems.

UNICEF reported that about 92% of Madagascar’s population lives in poverty. The people living in Madagascar’s rural areas lack health and education facilities. The majority of the people in rural areas don’t have access to clean drinking water. Thus, the unclean water spread water-borne diseases among the rural population.

Relief Activities

SOS Children’s Villages is providing relief services in the areas of Atsimo, Andrefana, and Androy of Madagascar. Considering the severity of the drought, the NGO has accelerated its relief activities in these regions.

It has established six new aid centers in Southern Madagascar in recent weeks. These aid centers protect the children without parental care as well as provide support to communities. This relief program also includes education and awareness about women’s and children’s rights.

SOS Children’s Villages began operations in Madagascar in 1986. It has been implementing Family Strengthening Programs since 2002. These programs aim to allow children in danger of losing care and protection from their homes to grow up in a caring family setting.

SOS Children’s Villages assists young people until they are prepared to live on their own. It looks after them as they complete their schooling or training and hunt for their first job.

The medical centers are dedicated to disease prevention and treatment. The people are provided with medical examinations and vaccines.