Bratislava, 23 May 2023 (TDI): The Slovakian Minister of Health, Michal Palkovic, delivered a compelling speech at the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA).

Palkovic emphasized the critical challenges faced by the global health community, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine today.

Slovakia is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its membership in the World Health Organization (WHO), marking a significant milestone in the nation’s dedication to global health.

Minister Palkovic outlined the pressing issues that demand immediate attention from the international community in his address to the distinguished attendees at the WHA.

Palkovic underscored the importance of international cooperation to combat the pandemic, stressing the need for equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for all nations, particularly those facing significant resource constraints.

Moreover, Palkovic also expressed deep concern over the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, which has escalated tensions and disrupted healthcare systems in the region.

He emphasized the urgent need for peace and stability, calling for concerted efforts to protect civilians and provide essential medical services in conflict-affected areas.

Slovakia’s membership in the WHO for the past 30 years has been instrumental in the country’s commitment to advancing global health.

Minister Palkovic commended the WHO’s vital role in coordinating the global response to public health challenges and expressed Slovakia’s unwavering support for the organization’s mandate and initiatives.

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Over the years, Slovakia has actively contributed to the WHO’s work in various areas, including disease surveillance, health system strengthening, and the promotion of universal health coverage.

Minister Palkovic concluded his speech by reaffirming Slovakia’s commitment to global health and to work collectively with other nations and the WHO to tackle the complex challenges ahead.

In the spirit of the 76th WHA and the anniversary milestones, Slovakia calls upon the international community to unite and redouble its efforts in creating a healthier, more inclusive world for future generations.

The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO).

It convenes annually, bringing together delegations from WHO member states to discuss key global health issues, review the organization’s work, and set policies for the future.

Over the past three decades, Slovakia has actively contributed to the WHO’s work, promoting global health and strengthening health systems both within the country and at the international level.