Bishkek, 23 May 2023 (TDI): In the quest to enhance educational ties, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Hasan Ali Zaigham, visited the Kyrgyz National University (KNU) yesterday. During the visit, he also met Professor Abdyrahmanov Tolobek Abylivich, Rector of the University.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore new opportunities for both countries in the fields of education and research and foster educational ties between both countries.

The Ambassador also had a meeting with the Pakistani students studying at KNU. He encouraged them to work hard and have a positive attitude, as they are the representatives of Pakistan.

Additionally, the Ambassador listened to their problems and the challenges they face as international students. He promised to address the concerns raised by the students on a priority basis. This interaction was arranged to learn the perspective of students about life in Kyrgyzstan.

Zaigham underscored the role of Kyrgyz universities in providing quality education to international students. Kyrgyzstan is a popular destination for students in Pakistan due to its affordable fees and quality education; almost 8,000 Pakistani students are already studying in Kyrgyzstan, and this visit was aimed at enhancing this collaboration between the two countries.

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The delegation also discussed potential areas of cooperation, such as joint research projects and faculty exchange programs, to further strengthen the academic ties between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.

Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan have enjoyed decades of strong bilateral relations. Students studying in Kyrgyzstan play a very important role in fostering these ties. These students also help strengthen public diplomacy and cultural exchange.

Overall, this meeting was of great significance and highlighted the commitment of both countries to the field of education and the betterment of future generations.

The educational ties between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are an important aspect of their bilateral relationship, and this visit was a testament that both countries are devoted to furthering these ties and have the potential to contribute significantly to regional development and cooperation.