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Secretary Blinken’s diplomatic tour to France and Belgium


Paris, 2 April 2024 (TDI): US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a diplomatic tour from Paris, France to Brussels and Leuven, Belgium on April 1-5 to discuss the Ukraine-Russia and Palestine-Israel conflict.

Secretary Antony Blinken met with French President Macron, Foreign Minister Séjourné, and other French officials to discuss international efforts to support Ukraine in the War.

Secretary Blinken thanked President Macron for France’s support for Ukraine against Russian aggression. Also, for playing a role in finding solutions for the Palestine-Israel war.

United States and France as NATO allies

The United States and France had long bilateral relations as NATO allies, based on shared democratic values that are important for peace and security. 

Secretary Blinken and his counterpart discussed about the United States and France’s shared work on world issues, including Indo-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, etc.

Moreover, they talked about collaboration to fight against terrorism. And prevent the expansion of weapons of mass destruction.

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Further, both Leaders discussed strengthening their partnership. Their coalition is based on a 60-year relationship in space, civil, commercial, and national security activities.

Additionally, they spoke about the “US-France Comprehensive Dialogue on Space”. This Dialogue was announced by Vice President Harris and President Macron in November 2021, to maintain bilateral relations. 

Support for Ukraine

According to sources, Secretary Blinken and his counterpart talked about the US-France support for Ukraine against Putin’s aggression. They said we fight together for Ukraine, as they are fighting for their land, homes, and future.

In addition, they discussed imposing sanctions and export control on Russia together. And said, “We will continue to address the wider effects of the war including working with the International community to build greater resiliency to food and energy disruptions”.

At last, “the USA appreciates France’s support for the roughly 70,000 refugees from Ukraine currently hosted in France”.

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According to the report, Secretary Blinken will also meet UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay. They underscore the US support for UNESCO for cultural preservation and education.

Furthermore, he will conclude his visit in Brussels, Belgium. During this visit, he will participate in the NATO Foreign Minister Meeting.

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