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Saudi Arabia and Thailand aim for high-level cooperation


Riyadh, 1 February 2024 (TDI): The deputy minister of Consular Affairs Ambassador Ali Al-Yousef welcomed the ambassador of Thailand to Saudi Arabia Darm Boontham to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to hold a diplomatic dialogue. Both the officials held a meeting together to discuss the political developments in the regions.

Moreover, the officials also discussed the bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Cyprus. They also discussed how bilateral relations between both countries can be enhanced and a high level of diplomacy can be reached.

Moreover, the ambassador of Thailand to Saudi Arabia and Ambassador Ali Al Yousef also discussed some topics that were of mutual interest to Saudi Arabia. Both officials discussed the developments and peace progress in both regions.

Blue Diamond Affair

The relations between Saudi Arabia and Thailand were officially strained by the famous Blue Diamond Affair. This particular case was a series of crimes and theft of the Blue Diamond.  This case was opened when a Thai cleaner in the House of Saud stole antique gemstones in Saudi Arabia in the year 1989.

This pertinent heist was the beginning of tense relations between Thailand and the KSA which lasted over thirty years. The prime minister of Thailand and its Ambassadors remained suspended by the Kingdom as a sign of tense relations followed by the closure of embassies.

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Alongside these actions, in the previous years, Thailand had tried to mend the broken ties but met with broken success. However, with the advent of the rule of Muhammad Bin Salman, the diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Thailand were restored.

In addition, in 2022 the Kingdom welcomed the Prime Minister of Thailand and re-opened the embassies. Additionally, areas such as tourism, labor, energy, and food supply were also resumed. In 2022, a MOU was signed between Thailand and Saudi Arabia for trade and development. Renewable energy exchange was also evident between both countries.

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