Islamabad, 5 September 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki, met a four-year-old boy, Ahmed Mustafa, and his father, at the Islamabad Embassy.

Mustafa had donated his savings for Umrah due to the recent torrential rains and floods in Pakistan in an effort to help the affected people.

The father of the child expressed his deep gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the Ambassador and the Embassy in Islamabad for always standing with the Pakistani people at all times and in all crises, praising the depth of the brotherly relations between the two brotherly countries.

Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations 

The bilateral ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been cordial and friendly, with observers usually describing them as a unique partnership.

Despite Pakistan’s developing ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia’s expanding ties with India, Pakistan has been referred to be “Saudi Arabia’s closest Muslim ally.”

Following its pan-Islamic philosophy, Pakistan has taken the role of Saudi Arabia’s guardian against any foreign or domestic threat.

Floods in Pakistan 

In Pakistan, floods have claimed the lives of at least 1,191 people since June 2022, including 380 children.

Heavy monsoon rains that were unusually heavy and glaciers that began to melt after a severe heat wave contributed to the floods, which are all connected to climate change.

Since the floods in South Asia in 2017 it has caused the most fatalities worldwide and is regarded as the worst flood in the nation’s history.

Due to the flooding, Pakistan proclaimed a state of emergency on August 25. The nation’s one-third population was submerged by August 29, according to Pakistan’s minister of climate change, affecting 33 million people.