Moscow, 31 December 2021 (TDI): Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, had a conversation on a telephonic call with Joseph Biden, President of the United States, over security concerns and NATO.

Agenda of Telephonic Dialogue

Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden emphasized the point of implementing the negotiation agreement regarding the provision of legal security guarantees to the US.

Putin discussed the fundamental approaches of the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the US, as well as the agreement with NATO. He added that the dialogues were supposed to happen for legally binding guarantees to eliminate NATO’s expansion towards the east.

Both leaders agreed to engage in a dialogue to resolve this issue substantively. Within this frame of reference, US President Joseph Biden emphasized that both states equally share the responsibilities for certifying stability and peace in Europe.

Accordingly, Biden expressed concern for Ukraine Security and warned Russia to face sanctions in the case. Russia highlighted the consequences of sanctions as the result of the worst Russia-US relations.

Future Course of Action

The first round of negotiation between the two countries will be held in Geneva on 9-10 January 2022. The second round between Russia and NATO has been scheduled in Brussels for 12 January 2022. Negotiation tracking would be supervised by the President for reaching quick results.

Putin and Biden, both Presidents, wished new year greetings for the impending New Year. Nevertheless, the telephonic conversation was held in a friendly and productive environment and in favor of both countries. President Putin and President Biden agreed to carry on interaction at the highest level.