Moscow, 27 October 2022 (TDI): Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia spoke to the participants of the plenary session of the 24th World Russian People’s Council.

In 1993, the council was established as a vital part of public life in Russia. The venue helped in bringing together people from different sectors under one umbrella.

The provocative elements that get them assembled at this unified forum are shared objectives. In 2005, the council got consultative status within the UNO.

The representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, government officials, experts and scholars from numerous fields, and Russian citizens participate in the council. The platform concentrates on various challenges and issues faced by the country.

It also explores effective conduits to contest these challenges and the resolution of multiple issues. This year the theme of the Council was “Orthodox Christianity and the world in the 21st century”.

Address of the Foreign Minister

Sergey Lavrov addressed the participants of the council. He felt honored and privileged to speak at the plenary session. He stated that the core elements of human solidarity are traditional values.

All the major religions and cultures of the world have common moral principles and the majority of nations of the world are supportive of this positive approach.

The Minister stated that the diplomats of Russia will continue to put their efforts to ensure the adoption of international law, justice, goodness, and integrity while structuring communication between the countries.

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The Foreign Minister intended to strengthen the fruitful collaboration between the Russian Orthodox Church and other religions in the country.

He stated that Russia will support the progress of inter-civilizational, interfaith, and intercultural dialogues between the stakeholders. The mentioned initiative will lead to the promotion and establishment of a more unprejudiced and democratic world order.