Moscow, 30 December 2022 (TDI): Today, 30 December 2022 marks 35 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and Nauru. The two are celebrating their long-standing relationship.

A tweet by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, states that “Russia is ready for the progressive development of friendly bilateral ties and foreign policy cooperation with Yaren.”

Moreover, these two countries have established well-grounded relations which have promoted the Russian Federation, even more, stronger as were before.

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This day is set to be used to remember the long history of these two countries’ diplomacy and foreign policies.

They have many times stated that the forefathers of these two countries have fought greatly to promote the unity which has been long established between them. Russia is represented in Nauru through its Embassy in Canberra (Australia).

There has been the movement of people from these two countries in and out for various economic activities. The people of Russia have consistently promoted development among their partners.

The progressive development stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry to be established between these two countries are those that have been received warmly by the government of Nauru.

They have continued to reach out to different countries for trade and cultural relations. The foreign policy cooperation of these countries has been greatly admired.

They have continued to project their interest in various ways even as they seek to develop further in their relations. They have kept the dignity and rules of their countries stronger in many ways.

The restrictions of Russia have been a major challenge for them when it comes to their trade relations with most countries. They have been mostly dealing with countries that understand their ideologies and ways of doing things.

Today is set to be used to make further amends in all issues of their relations and how to be able to keep those relations stronger.