Moscow, 11 January 2022 (TDI): President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, congratulated all Orthodox Christians of Russia and from other parts, a happy Christmas, on 7 January. He wished good health, happiness, and success for everyone on that special occasion.

On this Christmas Eve, he attended services at Mandylion Church in NovoOgaryovo. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also dedicated heartfelt congratulations to all Christians in Russia and other parts of the world. The Ministry wished all of them love, peace, and well-being.


President Vladimir Putin dedicated a message to the assistants of the mass that he was part of. In his message, he expressed the importance of Christmas to the Christians and sent his greetings to the Christians all around the world; including the Russian.

“One of the most important and best-loved Christian holidays, Christmas has a special moral significance. It unites people with high spiritual ideals and values, fills our hearts with joy and happy hopes, and inspires us to make new achievements. And, of course, this holiday is associated with good family traditions passed on from one generation to another.”

According to Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church and other associated denominations have immense services to protect the historical and cultural legacy of the state. This hasn’t only enabled to strengthen the institution of the family but also the education of young minds. Therefore, interfaith dialogue is developing to ensure community services and patriotism across the country. 


The Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in a different way than Catholics or Protestants. The first difference is that the last two celebrate Christmas on 25 December, to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. On the other side, the Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on 7 January.

This is because the Orthodox Church follows the Julian Calendar whereas the others follow the Gregorian Calendar. The Pope adopted the Gregorian Calendar in the 16th century; so that is the reason for the discrepancy of 13 days behind.

Orthodox Christians follow a strict diet for forty days before Christmas; where they have to avoid eating and drinking meat, eggs, dairy, and alcohol. When the forty days finish, on Christmas day they have a feast.

The Orthodox Christian Church currently has 260 million people that practice it; it predominates in Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Greece, and other countries. The Orthodox Catholic Church also known as Eastern Orthodox Church has its traditional base in Instanbul.