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Russia and China veto US-led resolution on Gaza Ceasefire


New York, 23 March 2024 (TDI): China and Russia vetoed the US-led resolution on the imperative of immediate and sustained Ceasefire in Gaza and Israel-Hamas hostages deals in the United Nations Security Council on 22 March 2024. 

Eleven members voted for the resolution, and China and Russia vetoed it, Algeria voted for no, and Guyana abstained from the resolution.

The draft of this resolution calls for an immediate cease-fire lasting six weeks that would safeguard civilians and allow for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. 

According to sources, members of the Security Council called for seeking a Two-State Solution.

Additionally, Arab groups condemn the continuing genocide in Gaza and supported the remarks of the Algeria Ambassador in the chamber.

Palestine observer, Riyad Mansour said, “This genocide inflicted on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip”.

Israeli Ambassador Erdan said, “Israel lets aid into Gaza, yet the council fails to condemn Hamas”.

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China’s Remarks on US-Led resolution 

China Ambassador Jun said that the Security Council should take action for an immediate and absolute cease-fire. The Security Council wasted a lot of time in this regard.

Moreover, he said, “With the aim of protecting the UN Charter and Council’s “dignity” and considering the Arab States’ perspective, China vetoed the US proposal”.

Further, He mentioned the new draft in the Security council. He said, “This draft is clear on the issue of a cease-fire. And is in line with the correct directions of the Council action and is of great relevance. China supports this draft”.

At last, he said, If the US and UK want a cease-fire, they should support the new draft. Both of them should stop their hypocritical statements.

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Russian Remarks on US-Led Resolution 

Russian Ambassador Nebenzia said, “The US had promised an agreement to end this fighting time and time again. Now, the US has finally recognized the need for a ceasefire when more than 30,000 Gazans have already died”.

Moreover, he said, “The US tried to sell their product in UNSC by using the word imperative in its resolution. This is not enough and the council must demand a ceasefire”. 

Additionally, he said, the US tried to manipulate the World by proposing this draft. The US tried to throw them a bone by using a fake cease-fire.

At last, Nebenzia said, “You want to coat yourself in disgrace to pass the resolution. They should support the new draft “Balance and Political document” in UNSC”.

Remarks of the US Ambassador 

Ambassador Thomas Said, the draft does not include provisions supporting ongoing diplomatic efforts to secure a ceasefire an element of the US resolution. Washington has been working with Qatar and Egypt to try to broker a deal.

Lastly, she said, we mediated with Qatar to maintain a sustainable cease-fire during our visit. “We are close, but we are not there yet unfortunately”. 

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