Islamabad, 14 April 2023 (TDI): Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan Nicolae Goia met the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Asad Majeed Khan, in his office to discuss bilateral and regional issues and explore ways to enhance bilateral cooperation. The two officials discussed several topics of mutual interest, including trade and commerce, business-to-business interactions, and collaboration in labor mobility.

The meeting between Ambassador Goia and Foreign Secretary Khan highlights the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic ties between Romania and Pakistan.

Both officials emphasized the need for collaboration and mutual benefit in pursuing opportunities for increased bilateral cooperation.

Through constructive dialogue and a commitment to shared goals, Romania and Pakistan can continue to strengthen their relationship and promote prosperity for their citizens.

Increasing bilateral cooperation in trade and commerce was one of the key issues discussed during the meeting. Both parties agreed that concrete steps must be taken to increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

Romanian Ambassador emphasized that Pakistan and Romania have significant untapped trade potential and that there are opportunities for collaboration in a variety of sectors, including textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and energy.

Aside from trade, the two parties discussed the importance of increased business-to-business interactions. The Romanian Ambassador proposed organizing business delegations to strengthen bilateral business contacts.

During the meeting, the two diplomats also discussed collaboration in labor mobility. They explored ways to enhance cooperation and create more opportunities for workers in both countries. This would not only benefit the labor force but also contribute to strengthening the overall bilateral relationship between Romania and Pakistan.

The Foreign Secretary welcomed the proposals and assured Pakistan’s Romanian Ambassador of Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation in these areas.

The Foreign Secretary also thanked the Romanian Ambassador for his country’s support and appreciated Romania’s contribution. He also expressed his desire to further enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

The meeting between the Romanian Ambassador and the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan was productive and marked a new chapter in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Both sides agreed to continue working closely to enhance trade and commerce, increase B2B interactions, and strengthen collaboration in labor mobility. They also reaffirmed their commitment to promoting peace and stability.

Pakistan- Romania Bilateral Ties 

Pakistan and Romania have maintained diplomatic relations since 1964. Over the years, the two nations have established strong ties in various fields, including trade, defense, and culture.

In recent years, the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Romania has strengthened, with both nations expressing a desire to expand cooperation in areas of mutual interest. This includes trade and commerce, as well as defense and security. Romania has also expressed interest in exploring collaboration with Pakistan in the areas of agriculture, IT, and energy.

One key area of cooperation between the two nations is defense. Pakistan has purchased military equipment from Romania in the past, including the IAR-330 Puma helicopter. In addition, Romania has offered to provide technical assistance to Pakistan in the development of its defense industry.

The two nations have also collaborated in education, with Pakistani students studying in Romania and vice versa. In recent years, the number of Pakistani students studying in Romania has increased significantly, with many pursuing degrees in fields such as medicine and engineering.

Furthermore, cultural exchange has played an important role in strengthening the relationship between Pakistan and Romania. The two nations have organized cultural events and festivals, showcasing their respective cultural heritage and promoting cultural understanding.