Nairobi, 3 March 2022 (TDI): State heads, Ministers, and diplomats at the end of the three-day UNEA-5.2 meeting adopted a historic resolution named “End Plastic Pollution”, today.

The United Nations Environment Assembly’s (UNEA)  meeting started on February 28 and ended today that is on March 2. The dual-mode was adopted for the meeting. That is both online and face to face. Nairobi remained the face-to-face venue.

Salient Features of Resolution

The resolution has addressed the concerns regarding plastic. The entire life cycle of plastic has been addressed. Production, the commodity’s design, and disposal methods have also been talked about.

What is UNEA?

United Nations Environment Assembly is a decision-making body at the global level. Its decisions are related to the environment. It has the membership of all the UN member states. Not only that but major development partners across the globe are involved in its decisions and activities.

Special emphasis must be laid here on Environmental Ministers from across the globe who participate in the entity’s activities. UNEA aims to make the environment better not only for the current generation but for the future generations as well.

What are UNEA-5.1 and UNEA-5.2 ?

UNEA-5.2 was simply the fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly. Due to the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic, the Member States mutually agreed to hold this fifth session in two steps.

The first session was called UNEA-5.1. It was held online in the month of February. The second session was called UNEA-5.2. As mentioned earlier it was both online and in-person. The sessions do not end here. A Special Session commemorating the 50th anniversary of UNEP will soon be held.

What is the theme of UNEA-5?

This year’s session theme is “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”.

The idea is to underscore the role played by nature in our lives. The exploitation, unplanned development, and malpractices done by humans are destroying nature.

It is high time to start taking initiatives to protect nature. In a nutshell, UNEA-5 stresses sustainable practices. The need to combine education, technology, and resources can not be sidelined to preserve nature.