Riyadh, 11 February 2023 (TDI): The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement by Quad officials (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States).

According to the release, the Quad discussed the Framework Agreement of Sudan to explore methods to enhance Sudanese stakeholders’ participation and support.

The members stressed that the Framework Accord provides the foundation for a final political agreement to form a civilian-led government to lead Sudan through a democratic transition and elections.

Framework Agreement

In October 2020, Sudan and the Quad (Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, and US) signed the Framework Agreement. This accord is to help Sudan transition to a democratic and stable administration.

In addition, the pact aimed to offer political and financial help to enhance Sudan’s security and stability. The member countries committed to providing Sudan with financial aid, and technical assistance.

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They intend to offer expertise to address its economic and development issues. Support includes economic change, infrastructure development, and government reform in Sudan.

The member countries pledged to help Sudan fight terrorism and extremism. They also committed to assisting Sudan in strengthening its security and stability capabilities and supporting regional peace.

The Framework Agreement was considered a significant step in Sudan’s transition to stability and prosperity. The Quad countries led Sudan’s transformation, marking a new degree of involvement with the international world.

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad)

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) is a strategic forum for Saudi Arabia, UAE, the UK, and the US. The Quad was founded in 2007 but closed soon after. The Quad was reopened in 2017 to improve collaboration in defense, security, trade, and technology.

The Quad aims to balance China’s expanding influence in the Indo-Pacific. Its participants have a shared desire to advance an Indo-Pacific region that is open, free, and characterized by the rule of law.

The Quad also promotes democracy, human rights, and economic prosperity to improve regional security and stability.

The Quad’s four countries have distinct interests and agendas. Their interests are making it difficult for the group to achieve tangible outcomes.

The US sees the Quad as a way to limit China’s dominance in the Indo-Pacific. The UK perceives it as a chance to counterbalance the EU. Saudi Arabia and the UAE prioritize Gulf stability and security.

The four countries have boosted defense and security cooperation, including joint military exercises and intelligence sharing. They also considered a collaborative infrastructure initiative to improve Indo-Pacific connectivity.