Geneva, 11 January 2023 (TDI): According to the Foreign Ministry of Qatar, the State of Qatar announces its provision of 25 million dollars as support for the brotherly people of Pakistan.

The State of Qatar made the statement through its Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi at the International Conference for a Climate Resilient Pakistan, held in Geneva on 9 January 2023.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs expressed his sorrow during the speech, saying that it was saddening to see the scale of this devastating disaster, the loss of lives, and the painful scenes of destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan.

He also expressed his sorrow for the ensuing tragedies, displacement, and suffering facing the brotherly people of Pakistan.

He expressed Qatar’s full solidarity with the people and government of Pakistan. He stated that the severity of this catastrophe is proof and a reminder that climate change still poses an existential threat.

The Qatari official highlighted the significance of international collaboration and solidarity and the urgent need for swift action to address the challenges of the world’s common destiny.

He stated that Qatar is pleased to note that in September 2022, on an urgent basis, Qatar sent out the initial assistance to help Pakistan combat the floods with the medical crew and integrated medical equipment with sophisticated search and rescue gear.


Floods in Pakistan took 1,739 lives between 14 June and 20 October 2022 and caused $14.9 billion in property damage and $15.2 billion in lost economic output.

Since the 2020 floods in South Asia, the floods have been the most devastating in the country’s history. Due to the floods, Pakistan declared an emergency on 25 August.

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Massive areas of farms and villages in Pakistan are still under water months after massive floods devastated the country, and over 10 million girls and boys still require immediate, life-saving assistance.

As many as 4 million children are still residing close to near infected flood waters by the beginning of January 2023, putting their survival and wellness in danger.

Children are struggling against acute respiratory infections, severe acute malnutrition, diarrhea, malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, and painful skin disorders.

Thousands of homes, public health facilities, water systems, and educational institutions have been destroyed or damaged.

Qatar and Pakistan enjoy a long-standing, multifaceted relationship based on shared cultural affinities, traditions, values, geographical proximity, and identity of interests.

With Qatar’s compassion and support for Pakistan during this tragic period, the nation will hopefully be able to rebuild and restore its infrastructure.