Tokyo, 1 February 2023 (TDI): The State of Qatar and Japan had their second strategic discussion session on Tuesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Tokyo, Japan.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani led the Qatari delegation. The head of the Japanese delegation was Hayashi Yoshimasa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

During the discussion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar highlighted the significance of strategic dialogues and their beneficial role in improving bilateral relations.

The two sides discussed extending collective investments in the energy sector, improving cultural exchanges, cooperation, and cyber security.

They explored defense cooperation, technological expertise, stimulating private investments, and exchanging entrepreneur visits between the two countries.

Both governments agreed to free Qatari citizens from entrance visas by instituting a pre-registration system for Qatari visitors to Japan.

Japan and Qatar underlined their concern over the fallout from recent Israeli violations in Palestinian territory. They expressed their resolve to support international legitimacy resolutions on the Palestinian issue.

The states emphasized the significance of maintaining humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and the necessity of resolving the Russian-Ukrainian situation through diplomatic and discussion measures.

Besides that, during the meeting, Al-Thani received recognition for Qatar’s successful organization of the FIFA World Cup 2022 from the Japanese Foreign Minister.

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The Minister also appreciated Qatar’s hospitality during FIFA 2202. He expressed gratitude for the official protocol and the facilities provided to Japanese fans by the country.

Likewise, Hayashi Yoshimasa acknowledged the excellent ties between both nations and expressed his nation’s desire to deepen them, particularly in the energy and trade sectors.

He also highlighted Qatar’s importance and dependability as a source of energy for Japan and the rest of the world.

Japan-Qatar Association

Qatar and Japan have long-standing political and economic ties. Despite their distance, the two countries have cooperated in energy, trade, and culture for years.

Energy is a significant factor in Japan-Qatar ties. They have worked together to maintain a stable LNG supply to Japan, which relies on Qatari LNG.

Japan and Qatar have a strong trade relationship; Japan imports significant quantities of oil and gas from Qatar while also exporting a wide range of goods to the nation.

Both nations also inked a bilateral investment treaty, strengthening their economic connections. Culture is another crucial part of Japan-Qatar relations. Qatar is interested in Japan’s vibrant culture.

Cultural exchanges have included exhibitions and festivals of both countries’ arts, music, and fashion. Japan has been helping Qatar modernize and prosper in recent years. Cooperation involves infrastructure, human resource development, and technology transfer.

Both countries’ cooperation continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Japan and Qatar inked a health and medical care MoU in 2020, demonstrating their close partnership. Their connection shows how distant nations may work together.