Brasilia, 1 February 2023 (TDI): Germany on Monday pledged more than $200 million to help Brazil to defend the rainforest.

The development came during the visit of German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and Development Minister Svenja Schulze. to Brazil.


The funds will be used to protect the Amazon rainforest; a global ecosystem devastated during years of rule under former Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro.

In 2019, Bolsonaro promoted greater economic development in the Amazon and loosened environmental safeguards.

He dissolved the steering committee that selects sustainable projects for France. The move prompted Norway and Germany to freeze their donations.

Germany’s Development Minister told the media, “With the new Government and team of President Lula de Silva we have a great chance to protect and offer a new perspective to the people who live there”.

Germany also pledged to provide $90m in low-interest loans for farmers to restore the degraded area of forest. Besides this, Germany pledged $34m to Brazilian states in the Amazon region to protect the rainforest.

President Lula de Silva during the news conference has shown faith and said: “Despite the challenges, the increase in deforestation, the land gabbing, the fires, the dire state of the indigenous populations we see an opportunity to reverse the whole situation”.

The announcement came after Olaf Scholz and the Development Minister of Germany landed in Brazil on Monday.

Zero Deforestation

The left-wing leader, Lula de Silva, who narrowly defeated far-right leader Bolsonaro has pledged to fight for zero deforestation in the Amazon, roughly two-thirds of lies in Brazil. The rainforest is critical to the global fight against climate change.


The right groups and European countries have denounced Bolsonaro administration policies as leading to an uptick in destruction. Which is also a threat to indigenous communities in the forest.

According to government figures deforestation in the rainforest section increased by 150% in December from the previous

After Lula’s election victory, Greenpeace Brazil called on the new administration to rebuild and protect the environment.