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Qatar calls for justice to Syrian victims


Doha, 20 March 2024 (TDI): Qatar’s representative, the Second Secretary at the UN Permanent Mission in Geneva, Abdullah bin Ali Behzad, called for justice to Syrian victims. A statement delivered by Ali Behzad recalled once again grave human rights violations in Syria.

Qatar called on all influential parties to exert influence over the Assad regime in Syria. It also called for the government to resume participating in the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

The Committee endeavors to align with the Geneva Communique and Security Council Resolution 2254. It means fulfilling the people’s legitimate aspirations and the safe return of Syrian refugees.

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The State of Qatar emphasized that the conflict in Syria has lasted for 14 years. Bashar al-Assad’s regime killed, displaced and used chemical weapons against its people. It destroyed and jeopardized entire Syrian generations.

In addition, Qatar said that everyone bears responsibility for the grave human rights violations and crimes against the Syrian victims.

In the end, the State of Qatar welcomed the November 2023 ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It demanded that the Assad regime has to take all measures to prevent acts of torture and other violations.

The State of Qatar concluded its statement by expressing calls for everyone to ensure accountability and justice for the victims in Syria.

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