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Palestinian Ministry condemns Al-Shifa attacks


Ramallah, 24 March 2024 (TDI): The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate condemned Al-Shifa attacks committed by the Israeli forces. They unfolded why Israel attacked the hospital and sent the message to the international community.

In the beginning, the Ministry strongly condemned attacks by the Israeli forces, claiming that Israel committed heinous crimes against humanity. They added that the Israeli troops used false pretexts to launch an attack on the hospital.

Accordingly, occupation forces killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, arrested them, and destroyed and torched the surrounding area. All medical facilities in the Gaza Strip were put out of service being unfit for human life.

The Ministry said Israel continuously prevented aid from entering the Gaza Strip. People die due to famine, thirst, and lack of medicine supplies.

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In addition, the Ministry referred to the international community. They expressed anger and astonishment at the international community.

The international community was accused of undoing practical measures to stop the killing of Palestinians. Instead of concrete action, the Ministry added, the international community only produced statements, positions, and demands.

The Palestinian Ministry accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the extermination of Palestinians and extending the extermination to Palestinians in Rafah.

In the end, the international community was asked what the red line is for taking action and how miserable the mechanism for civilian protection is.

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