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GCC calls on states for recognition of State of Palestine


Geneva, 27 March 2024 (TDI): The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) called on states to finalize the necessary measures for their recognition of the State of Palestine. The call was bound to all states to ensure the establishment of a Palestinian State with the capital in East Jerusalem.

The statement was delivered by the Representative of the State of Qatar to the UN Office in Geneva, Dr. Hind Abdulrahman Al Muftah. She spoke on behalf of the GCC states at the 55th UN Human Rights Council.

GCC stressed the importance of recognition of the State of Palestine. Accordingly, recognition will relieve the plight of destitution, genocide and human tragedy and ensure the return of refugees.

Further, GCC states emphasized the importance of expediting the recognition of the State of Palestine by the UN Security Council. If it happens, Palestine will regain full membership in the UN.

The statement reaffirmed that GCC stands with the Palestinian brothers. They called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and ending Israel’s military operations. Also, the statement held Israel responsible for targeting, killing and displacing innocent civilians.

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Furthermore, GCC said the situation in Gaza is grim due to the widening famine destruction of local food production. This situation hit Palestinian civilians and humanitarian convoys who were in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Non-compliance with ICJ Ruling

The statement reiterated that Israeli occupation did not comply with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling. Israel did not enforce the measures to prevent genocide against Palestinians and refused to implement the UN resolutions and international law.

Ultimately, the statement concluded that Israel tries to Judaize the West Bank and Jerusalem. Israeli government endorsed the building of 3500 new settlement units leading to population favor for Jews.

The GCC states condemned this decision and reiterated their stance on the Palestinian cause. It is the ending of Israeli occupation and supporting the Palestinian sovereignty within the occupied territories since the 1976.

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