Ottawa, 7 July 2023 (TDI): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked with Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, commonly referred to as NATO.

The Prime Minister and Secretary General both reaffirmed their emphatic criticism of Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine.


While NATO does not consider itself a participant in the conflict it will support Ukraine’s rights, for as much time as it requires.

The leaders discussed the next NATO Leaders’ Summit, which will be held in, Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, on July 11-12.

At the Summit, PM Trudeau will welcome the maiden session of the NATO-Ukraine Council. He affirms Canada’s support for Ukraine joining NATO as soon as the prerequisites are met.

Moreover, the leaders also discussed the status of Sweden’s NATO membership, which Premier Trudeau strongly supports. The Secretary-General praised Canada’s role in defending NATO’s eastern flank.

Prime Minister Trudeau expressed gratitude to General Secretary Stoltenberg for his leadership and welcomed his term renewal.

The centerpiece of the NATO summit will be Russia’s takeover of Ukrainian lands such as Crimea, NATO members’ respect and deterrenceSecretary-General, NATO’s presence across the eastern portions of the allies, NATO drills and training, Operation and missions, and NATO’s Nuclear deterrence tactics and forces.

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Trudeau’s visit to Lithuania and Latvia

On July 10, the Prime Minister will pay a formal bilateral visit to  Latvia, before heading to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Premier Justin Trudeau is scheduled to meet with the President of the Republic of Latvia,  and his Latvian Counterpart.

The Premier will also visit the Canadian Armed Forces serving in the NATO Battle Group Latvia, which is headed by Canada.