Berlin, 6 July 2023 (TDI): Germany has recognized Morocco’s dedication to combating the climate crisis and commended its efforts in setting regional standards.

The close collaboration between Morocco and Germany on the energy transition has yielded significant achievements, exemplified by the Nur-Solarpark, which now provides electricity to 1.3 million people.

The thriving relationship is further underscored by the presence of over 160 German companies actively operating in Morocco, reflecting a strong mutual interest between the two nations.

The statement comes after a meeting of the two countries’ foreign ministers in Berlin today.

Looking ahead, Germany and Morocco are set to engage in a comprehensive strategic dialogue next year.

This dialogue aims to strengthen the already robust partnership between the two countries by deepening cooperation across various sectors and exploring avenues for mutual growth and development.

Germany and Morocco also join forces in matters of foreign policy, exemplifying their alignment on important global issues.

In particular, Morocco, alongside the international community, has firmly condemned the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in two significant United Nations votes.

This united stance sends a message to the world that the two countries are harsh critics of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Moreover, Germany acknowledges Morocco’s exemplary leadership in the fight against the climate crisis.

Through its ambitious climate agenda and proactive measures, Morocco has become a regional role model in addressing environmental challenges.

The collaboration between Morocco and Germany on the energy transition is exemplified by the Nur-Solarpark. This solar park shows Morocco’s commitment of climate change tackling measures.

The thriving economic ties between Germany and Morocco are evident in the strong presence of over 160 German companies operating in Morocco.

The bilateral relations between the two nations encompass diverse sectors, including trade, investment, technology transfer, and cultural exchanges. This is proved by the presence of a large number of German companies in Moroccan market.

Such multifaceted cooperation serves as a solid foundation for further enhancing collaboration and mutual prosperity.