Berlin, 31 August 2023 (TDI): Yesterday, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany issued a statement expressing concern over the recent events unfolding in Gabon.

The German government emphasized the importance of respecting the democratic process and allowing the people of Gabon to determine their future without the use of violence or military interference.

A spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office conveyed the government’s stance, stating that Germany is closely monitoring the situation in Gabon and coordinating efforts with its international partners.

The Federal Government’s crisis unit convened at the Federal Foreign Office to assess the situation and ensure appropriate responses.

The statement highlighted the transparency and lawfulness concerns surrounding the recent election in Gabon.

While acknowledging the validity of such concerns, Germany firmly asserted that military intervention involving violence is not an authorized means of interfering in the political process.

The statement underlined the fundamental principle that the people of Gabon have the right to exercise their self-determination in shaping their future without external coercion.

German citizens were advised to adhere to the travel and security advisories provided by the Federal Foreign Office.

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Additionally, they were encouraged to register their personal information in the emergency contact register, known as ELEFAND.

The message conveyed the need for peaceful resolutions and a cooperative approach to addressing the challenges faced by Gabon.


The state election body announced that Gabonese president Ali Bongo had won the elections, and was elected president for the third term.

Looking at this development, the military took control of the state machinery and initiated a military coup in the country, which put an end to almost decades of family dynasties in power.

The opposition thanked the military for putting an end to Bondo’s lengthy rule in the country.

The coup leader and former head of the presidential guard, General Brice Oligui Nguema, is due to be sworn in as president on Monday.