Islamabad, 27 January 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan launched Criminal Law and Justice Reforms at a launch ceremony in the federal capital, Islamabad today.

During the launch ceremony, Prime Minister stated that it is the first time that such reforms have been brought into the Justice system.

The main objectives of these reforms are two, mainly. The first is to provide swift justice to the common man. The second is to bring the rich and powerful under the law. Since no one is above law.

Imran Khan stated that after these reforms, the responsibility is now of Judiciary to keep a check on successful implementation. Lawyers must take this responsibility.

It was further mentioned that new technologies will be incorporated. The usage of technologies was appreciated by Imran Khan. He added that he regrets that previously the old system proved beneficial for the powerful only.

Additionally, the reforms process will continue to boost the judicial system, Prime Minister said. While addressing, Prime Minister also referred to the state of Madina.

The state progressed because it valued humanity. The state developed because it had a rule of law, he said. He underscored that rule of law is the core for the progress of any country.

Talking about the overseas Pakistanis, he said, they are an asset. But due to their lack of confidence in the judiciary, they do not invest in their own country.

Pakistani diasporas must be given confidence. Once they start investing, the country would not require aid and loans from other entities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan moreover shed light on the government’s recent initiative of the health insurance system. It is just another step in making the country a welfare state, he added.

Key Points of the Reforms
  • Law Minister Farogh Naseem shared some salient features of the reforms.
  • He stated that around seven hundred amendments have been introduced.
  • He added that cases will now be dealt with, in a time frame of 9 months. If the trial judge fails to do so, he will have to give an explanation. Additionally, if the explanation is a mere excuse, disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Talking about police, he shared that their budget will trickle down to the stations. Furthermore, only a sub-inspector will be made the SHO. The eligibility criteria regarding education would be B.A. at least.
  • Moreover, the usage of forensics and electronic evidence is emphasized.