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Prime Minister of Iraq survives attack on his home


Baghdad, 8 November 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived an assassination attempt early on Sunday.

His residence in Baghdad was hit in an apparent drone attack, the country’s officials said. They added that al-Kadhimi was unharmed in the strike. It was the military that described the strike as an “assassination attempt”. An official statement released moments later said the security forces will investigate the attempt.

It is not immediately clear who is behind the attack on the residence, nor has any group claimed responsibility yet. Therefore, the Prime Minister stated that Iraq will pursue those who committed yesterday’s crime, exposing them. “The hand of justice will reach the killers of the martyr Colonel Nibras Farman” an officer of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service added.

The drone strike, however, comes amid a stand-off between security forces and armed Shia militias.

In recent weeks, these groups have staged demonstrations near the Green Zone, protesting against the results of a general election last month which dealt a blow to their parliamentary power. However, this is still speculation.

Moreover, the attack was condemned by both the US and Iran. As well, other Arab countries as Palestine and Jordan are condemning the terrible attempt. Security sources say three drones were used in the attack, launched from near Republic Bridge on the River Tigris, but two were shot down.

The status of security in Iraq

Iraq is facing enormous security and justice challenges, including a large number of internally displaced persons and concerns that small cells of defeated ISIL remain hiding in rural areas. With the defeat of ISIL, Iraq should now focus on reconciliation, recovery, and reform of the security and justice sector. These areas must be in the priorities for new governance.

Last week, Iraqi President Salih meets Defense Minister, both agreed on flaws in the security system should be addressed. They emphasized how important it was to strengthen security and stability in the country. Likewise, to continue fighting against the remaining cells of terrorist groups that threaten Iraqi citizens’ lives and work.

Mr. President spoke of the need to continue the efforts aiming to put an end to terrorism. Iraqi authorities expressed the need for national unity.

Arantza Renteria Vizcarra
Arantza Renteria Vizcarra
Arantza Renteria is a Peruvian third-year student of International Relations with a specialization in cooperation and development.Her work experience mostly covers Middle Eastern affairs. Her area of ​​expertise is the Levant. Among these countries, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine.She has worked in intercultural governmental and non-governmental work environments, including the Embassy of Palestine in Lima.Currently, she leads the Middle East and Gulf Research Desk at The Diplomatic Insight.

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