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President Xi spoke on phone with President Biden


Beijing, 2 April 2024 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on the phone with the President of United States of America, Joe Biden, on Tuesday. This marks the first interaction between the two leaders after their meeting in California in November 2023. 

The statement from the white house confirmed that the leaders held a candid and constructive dialogue on a range of bilateral, regional, and global issues, including areas of cooperation and areas of difference. 

Furthermore, the leaders reviewed and encouraged progress on key issues which they discussed at the Woodside Summit, including counternarcotics cooperation, ongoing military to military communication, talks to address AI related risks. 

Discussion between the two Presidents

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that the issue of strategic perception is always fundamental to the China-U.S. relationship, just like the first button of a shirt that must be put right.  

Two big countries like China and the United States should not cut off their ties or turn their back on each other, still less slide into conflict or confrontation.  

The two countries should respect each other, coexist in peace and pursue win-win cooperation. The relationship should continue moving forward in a stable, sound and sustainable way, rather than going backward. 

President Xi Jinping underlined three overarching principles that should guide China-U.S. relations today. Firstly, peace must be valued, Secondly, stability must be prioritized, Thirdly, credibility must be upheld. 

Furthermore, President Xi Jinping stressed that the Taiwan question is the first red line that must not be crossed in China-U.S. relations. He urged the U.S. side to translate President Biden’s commitment of not supporting “Taiwan independence” into concrete actions. 

President Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the rule of law and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.   

He raised concerns over the China’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base and its impact on European and transatlantic security, and he emphasized the United States’ enduring commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. 

President Biden also raised concerns about China’s trade policies and economic practices, he emphasized that the US would continue to take necessary actions to prevent advanced US technologies from being used to undermine national security, without unduly limiting trade and investment. 

The Chinese President expressed that the US side has adopted a string of measures to suppress China’s trade and technology development and is adding more and more Chinese entities to its sanction’s lists. 

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He added that if the US side is willing to seek mutually beneficial cooperation and share in China’s development dividends, it will always find China’s door open. 

Besides, if it is adamant on containing China’s hi-tech development and depriving China of its legitimate right to development, China is not going to sit back and watch. 

The two leaders welcomed ongoing efforts to maintain open channels of communication and responsibly manage the relationship through high-level diplomacy and working-level consultations in the weeks and months ahead, including during upcoming visits by Secretary Yellen and Secretary Blinken. 

Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul is pursuing BS International Relations from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML). The arenas of diplomacy and foreign policy intrigue him to delve deep into analyzing the broader scenario of global affairs. Besides, the author is also exploring the field of media and journalism.

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