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President Xi meets Prime Minister of New Zealand


Beijing, 27 June 2023 (TDI): Today, President Xi met with New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins in Beijing.

President Xi told Prime Minister Hipkins that China always refers to New Zealand as a good friend of China.

He further said, “Our relationship has remained robust and strong. It has brought tangible benefits to people in our two countries and contributed to regional peace, stability and prosperity.”

On the other hand, Hipkins, described New Zealand’s relationship with China as a “friendship” following what he described as a “warm and constructive meeting.”

In 2022, President Xi Jinping also met with former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Bangkok where he acknowledged Ardern’s consistent affirmation of New Zealand’s independent foreign policy.

Moreover, he recognized that New Zealand considers its relationship with China as one of its most significant partnerships and believes that there are shared interests that both countries can and should cooperate on.

President Xi expressed his high appreciation for Prime Minister Ardern’s stance.

As a matter of fact, China and New Zealand have maintained diplomatic relations since 1972. Over the years, the bilateral relationship between the two countries has grown and diversified across various areas.

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It’s worth mentioning that there have been occasional challenges in the relationship, particularly in areas such as human rights and geopolitical issues.

However, both countries have maintained open channels of communication and engaged in dialogue to address and manage these differences.

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