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President Xi and Putin engage in bilateral dialogues in Beijing


Beijing, 17 May 2024 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping engaged in discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is now undertaking an official visit to China, in Beijing on Thursday. 

Both parties conducted a thorough assessment of the achievements in the development of the China-Russia relationship.

Both sides engaged in detailed discussions on significant international and regional matters of shared concern, which established a clear direction for their comprehensive cooperation.

Moreover, Xi emphasized that this year signifies the 75th commemoration of diplomatic ties between China and Russia.

Over the last 75 years, the China-Russia relationship has significantly strengthened despite many challenges and has successfully navigated through the shifting dynamics of the global stage. 

In addition, Xi stated that the continuous advancement of China-Russia relations is not only beneficial to the core interests of both nations and their citizens but also contributes to the promotion of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and the global community as a whole.

Additionally, China and Russia have learned from their 75-year history of relations that neighboring major countries should always prioritize the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

This means treating each other as equals, building trust, addressing each other’s concerns, and providing genuine mutual assistance for development and revitalization. 

Moreover, President Xi emphasized that this approach is the right way for China and Russia to interact and that it is the path that significant countries should aim for in the 21st century.

According to President Putin, President Xi’s state visit to Russia in March last year, following his re-election as Chinese president, is seen as a friendly tradition that highlights the significance both countries place on strengthening the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era. 

According to Putin, establishing Russia-China relations is not driven by convenience or aimed at any third party. He further stated that this relationship contributes to the overall stability of international strategic affairs. 

According to Li Ziguo, the director of the Department for European-Central Asian Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, China and Russia, as significant global powers, have consistently followed the principles of non-alliance, non-confrontation, and non-targeting of any third party.

They have successfully overcome the outdated belief that important countries are destined to have conflicting interests and inevitably become rivals by establishing a harmonious way of coexistence.

Moreover, Xi stated that through joint endeavors, the relationship between China and Russia has been progressing consistently, with strengthened comprehensive strategic coordination and increased collaboration in areas such as economy and trade, investment, energy, and people-to-people exchanges, both at the regional level and in other sectors.

This has significantly enhanced efforts to uphold global strategic stability and advance the principles of democracy in international relations. 

In addition, he stated that both parties should consider the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relations as a fresh beginning, align their development strategies more effectively, and continue to enhance bilateral cooperation to generate more advantages for both nations and their populations. 

Furthermore, the previous year’s total trade between China and Russia surpassed 240 billion US dollars, which is over 2.7 times higher than the trade volume ten years earlier.

Moreover, during a joint press meeting with Putin, Xi stated that China and Russia are dedicated to strategic coordination as a foundation for their relationship and to guide world governance in a positive direction. 

However, Both nations are strongly dedicated to protecting the United Nations-centered global system and the international order supported by international law.

Moreover, He stated that they maintain strong coordination and collaboration in various multilateral platforms, such as the UN, APEC, and G20. 

Lastly, Both China and Russia aim to promote multipolarity and economic globalization following the principles of genuine multilateralism.

Syeda Ayesha Noor
Syeda Ayesha Noor
Aisha Noor, a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, brings a wealth of academic insight and practical experience to the field. Having completed internships at esteemed institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, she now seeks to leverage her expertise in international relations to pursue opportunities in the global arena. With a strong foundation in research and a passion for diplomatic affairs, Aisha is poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of international relations

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