Tashkent, 1 September 2022 (TDI): Yangi O’zbekiston (New Uzbekistan) Park hosted a celebration commemorating Uzbekistan’s 31st anniversary of independence.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, attended the ceremonies and congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on this historic day.

Speaking on the occasion, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said, “Thirty-one years ago, a new sovereign state appeared on the world map – the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Under the leadership of the First President of Uzbekistan, respected Islam Karimov, we declared our national independence to the whole world.

Years and centuries will pass, but Independence Day, which returned our national statehood & national pride, our rights & freedoms, which became a solid foundation for all our successes & achievements, will always be the greatest & dearest holiday for us & future generations.”

Yangi O'zbekiston (New Uzbekistan) Park hosted a
Yangi O’zbekiston (New Uzbekistan) Park hosted a

He went on to enunciate that “This holiday is very dear to our people. Independence was achieved at the cost of many hardships and trials, tempered over the years in hard and patient work.

Today in Uzbekistan people have become the highest value. The main requirement became the principle that the people must not serve the Government bodies, rather the Government bodies must serve the people.”

Despite the severe impacts of the epidemic and the global crisis, Uzbekistan is forging ahead with the goal of establishing a free and wealthy society. Industries, regions, and the social sphere are all growing.

The emphasis is on preserving the continuity of traditions and ideals across generations, as well as on caring for the elderly. All circumstances are being provided for young people and women to study, obtain a job, and enhance their skills.

The President of Uzbekistan underscored, “We are all filled with pride for our national team, which was crowned champion for the first time in history at the recent World Chess Olympiad in India.”

Moreover, Uzbekistan’s worldwide standing is also growing. Large-scale economic and social projects are being carried out in collaboration with international countries and organizations.

The Head of State also welcomed the foreign Ambassadors and officials of international organizations who attended the occasion.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, attended the ceremonies and congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on this historic day.
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, attended the ceremonies and congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on this historic day.

Uzbekistan is currently transitioning from an era of national rejuvenation to a period of national prosperity. The Development Strategy is being implemented till 2026.

The President highlighted his aspirations for the country in his congratulations speech. He shared that “The New Uzbekistan is a state that opens up to every citizen, to further improve his life, wide access to public services.

It will be providing all the conditions for people to speak openly about their problems and solve them together, creating opportunities for ensuring justice, and equality before the law of all citizens, regardless of their social status, which creates the necessary conditions for the development of entrepreneurship”.

The Head of State mentioned the five major categories in his speech. First, the most ideal educational environment must be created.

School curricula, teaching techniques, and textbook content will be significantly updated for this purpose, schools will be created, and the hard work of teachers and mentors will be encouraged to continue.

Second, the judiciary’s independence must be strengthened. Any interference with the work of judges shall be severely penalized, and the necessary conditions for their uninterrupted work will be created.

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Third, the growth of entrepreneurship. All restrictions on private property and entrepreneurship will be abolished in order to accomplish this.

Public administration will be restructured, and the government’s role in the economy will be significantly decreased. Fourth, the populace will have greater access to qualified medical care.

Emergency medical care coverage will be expanded and brought closer to the populace in all regions. Fifth, increase the availability of safe drinking water.

The amount of money invested in this sector will skyrocket. Programs will be established to provide clean drinking water to troubled areas and to improve the quality of that water.

Likewise, the President expressed confidence that with the assistance of our bold and hardworking people, these responsibilities would be properly carried out, and that the amended Constitution would serve as a solid legal foundation on this route.

The President said, “Today we set ourselves big and important goals in all spheres. Our multinational people, having united even more strongly, as a single family, are confidently moving towards achieving high milestones. Indeed, this is the key to all our achievements.”

The President expressed tremendous admiration for our people, who support and selflessly implement the reforms, and best wishes.

The President of Uzbekistan finished his speech by saying that “Once again, I congratulate you, dear compatriots, on the 31st Anniversary of Independence of our dear Uzbekistan. I wish you all health, well-being, and prosperity to your families.

May all our good dreams and hopes come true! May peace and tranquility always reign in our country. May our people be happy! May our Independence be eternal!”

The occasion was followed by a joyous concert programme that was carried on television across the country, putting compatriots in a festive mood.