Ankara, 7 July 2022 (TDI): The President of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, held a joint press conference following their meeting at the Presidential Complex.

During a joint press conference, President Erdoğan stressed the significance of Somalia’s peace and security for all of Africa.

The President underlined that Turkiye had given Somalia more than $1 billion in humanitarian and development aid during the previous ten years.

He expressed his satisfaction in seeing the notable advancements Somalia has made in a number of sectors. These sectors are particularly in terms of the economy and security. He also expressed his joy at hosting the visit of the president of Somalia, Sheikh Mohamud.

As a result, President Erdoğan emphasized that a sizable Turkiye group visited Somalia in 2011. Ankara made it clear that it supported the Somalis in this regard. At this time, Mogadishu was on the verge of what the outside world refers to as “collapse.”

In addition, Turkiye President has made three visits to Mogadishu in 2011, 2015 and 2016. The largest Turkish embassy outside of Turkey is located in Mogadishu, and Turkish Airlines’ introduction of direct flights to Somalia put an end to the country’s 20-year isolation.

Turkiye’s support for the Somali people

President Erdoğan claimed that Turkiye has helped Somalia ever since in terms of infrastructure, capacity building, healthcare, and education.

Numerous Turkish organizations, such as TKA, the Turkish Red Crescent, and AFAD, have kept up their field operations.

Additionally, a sizable number of Turkish NGOs have supported the Somali people by providing help. The people of Somalia and the entire region have had their wounds healed by the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Training and Research Hospital and the Health Sciences Faculty.

The President of Turkiye wished the Somalia administration well during the meeting. He reaffirmed that Turkey would support its Somali brothers and sisters in whatever way necessary. The nation will keep speaking for Somalia in the international community.

Turkiye-Somalia bilateral relations

Turkiye’s President remarked that Turkiye works to strengthen its relationship with its African relatives.

He mentioned in his conversation with his Somalian colleague, Sheikh Mohamud, that the two nations had come to an agreement to strengthen their collaboration in a number of sectors.

The two nations are eager to strengthen the contractual foundation of their relations. Additionally, President Erdoğan reaffirmed Turkiye’s resolve to continue supporting Somalia’s stability, security, and war on terrorism.

President Erdoğan added that Turkiye is committed to improving ties with the continent. It is committed to strengthening win-win and equal collaboration with all of its African brothers and sisters.