Glasgow, 3 November 2021 (TDI): The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in is in Glasgow, Scotland to attend the COP26 Summit. Earlier, he attended the G20 Summit in Italy, on 30-31 October. He delivered a keynote speech at the event.

Moon Jae-in at COP26 Summit, Glasgow
President Moon Jae-in Addressed the COP26 Summit

Whilst addressing the World Leaders Summit for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), he appreciated the natural allure of Glasgow’s oak forests. In terms of natural beauty and scenic views, Scotland is unparalleled. The forest of Glasgow is the epitome of communion between nature, humans, and wildlife. Moon Jae-in said that Nature is waiting for the world to take appropriate action. COP26 is but one such action to save the world.

Pledge to take Action
He is in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss Climate Action

During the speech, the South Korean President made three promises and one proposal. Firstly, Korea aims to upgrade its 2030 Nationally Determined Contributions and cut down greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is to reduce emissions by more than 40 percent. According to him, the daring goal is very challenging.

Carbon Neutrality

People of Korea support the government’s stance to escalate efforts against Climate Change. Korea has legislated 2050 Carbon Neutrality and declared pertinent developments. That includes a plan to reduce methane emissions to 30 percent by 2030. Methane is key to addressing the climate crisis as it contributes to the greenhouse effect; more than carbon dioxide. Korea will keenly partake in efforts to cut methane emissions by joining the Global Methane Pledge.

Reforestation will help to fight Climate Change

Secondly, Korea aims to lead reforestation efforts. It is the only country to succeed with post-World War II reforestation. Growing and replanting trees is very important to revert the effects of Climate Change; as they are living greenhouse gas sinks. President Moon Jae-in underscored that trees are important for climate crisis solutions and they also prevent desertification and promote peace in border areas. He vowed that Korea will actively cooperate with Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use.

Inter-Korean Forestry

Likewise, through inter-Korean forestry collaboration, greenhouse gas emissions will reduce on the entire Korean Peninsula. Nevertheless, the support and cooperation of the international community’ will guarantee the success of the World Forestry Congress in Korea next year.

Reduction of Coal Usage

Thirdly, he expressed that Korea will join the global efforts to reduce coal use. He told the Summit that during his tenure eight coal-fired power plants were shut down and by the end of this year, two more plants will stop working. Korea is following the agenda to completely end coal-fired power generation by 2050. New coal-fired power plants in Korea and official financial support for the construction of new coal-fired power plants overseas; are suspended in the country.

Moon Jae-in made three pledges and gave a proposal
Support for Developing Countries

President Moon Jae-in assured Korea’s support for developing countries on their quest for a low-carbon economy and renewable energy. Overseas Korean companies will also do the same. Korea will continue climate finance support through the Green Climate Fund and the Global Green Growth Institute. It will keep on cooperating with developing countries in the field of green technology via the Climate Technology Centre and Network.

Youth Climate Summit

Aside from the above-stated vows to fight Climate Change he also proposed that the Youth Climate Summit must be held regularly. Governments and businesses alone can not achieve carbon neutrality.

The goal is to ensure everyone’s participation-older and future generations- to collaborate for a sustainable world. He entreated the world leaders to take interest in and provide support for a regular Youth Climate Summit, for the sake of Nature.

2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or the COP26, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 31 October and 12 November 2021. World leaders are attending the UK hosted Summit to deliberate on the threat of Climate Change and Global Warming.