Washington DC, 9 March 2023 (TDI): Today, the President of the United States (US), Joe Biden released a statement in which he extended his warmest wishes to those celebrating Holi.

Also, he noted the importance of the holiday to those of the Hindu faith. Holi is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated across India and other parts of the world. It is also known as the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love.”

It is usually celebrated in late February or early March, on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu month of Phalguna. The festival marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter.

How Holi is celebrated?

Holi is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India. In general, people play with colors and water during the festival. They throw colored powders (gulal) and spray colored water on each other.

People also sing and dance to traditional Holi songs and enjoy sweets and other delicacies. In some parts of India, a bonfire is lit on the night before Holi to symbolize the burning of the demoness Holika, who tried to kill Prahlada but was burnt instead.

Overall, it is a joyful and colorful festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring.

To conclude, the celebration of Holi in the United States also serves to promote cultural awareness and understanding, as well as create a sense of unity among Americans of all backgrounds.