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Premier Li Qiang drives innovation agenda in Beijing tour


Beijing, 14 March 2024 (TDI): Chinese Premier Li Qiang visited the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence on Wednesday where he called for efforts to deepen the integration of scientific and technological innovation with industrial innovation and accelerate the cultivation of new driving forces and new advantages of high-quality development. 

During his inspection at the operation center of the city’s high-level autopilot demonstration zone, Premier Li urged strengthening support to establish standards and ensure necessary factors. 

Also, to boost the development of the automobile industry and the construction of smart cities with the upgrading of the autopilot technology. 

While inspecting at the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, the premier called for new breakthroughs with advanced resources and cooperation. 

Furthermore, at the Yizhuang office area of Chinese tech giant Baidu, the premier stressed that it is necessary to give full play advantages of rich application scenarios in China. 

Besides, enhance institutional support and create a more relaxed environment for the artificial intelligence industry’s development. 

Moreover, during his visit to the Naura Technology Group, Li Qiang motivated the company to further enhance its sci-tech investment, accelerate R and D on advanced process equipment, and to promote collaborative innovation across the whole industrial chain.

Premier Li urge Innovation and AI development

Chinese Premier Li Qiang presided over a symposium and underscored that to develop new quality productive forces is an intrinsic requirement and an important focus to promote high-quality development. 

In addition, he urged efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields. Also, to promote industrial innovation through sci-tech innovation to accelerate the development of a modern industrial system with advanced manufacturing as the backbone. 

During the symposium, Li stressed the need to promote inclusive and prudential supervision based on maintaining the bottom line of safety. 

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Furthermore, the Chinese Premier hoped that Beijing will give full play to its advantages, take the lead in the development of new quality productive forces, and to play a leading role in demonstration. 

Lastly, Premier Li highlighted that artificial intelligence is an important engine for developing new quality productive forces. 

Also, the Premier called for achieving key breakthroughs in areas such as computing power, data, and algorithms to let artificial intelligence better empower various industries. 

Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul
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