Colombo, 19 June 2023 (TDI): PNS TIPPU SULTAN, the esteemed naval vessel of Pakistan, made its first journey from China to Pakistan.

The ship arrived in the Colombo port today, showing the serious engagement of both nations’ defense establishments. This act marks a key milestone in the country’s strong and bilateral relationship with Sri Lanka.

The arrival of the PNS TIPPU SULTAN at the Colombo port symbolizes Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s deep friendship. It underlines the mutual commitment of both countries to boosting maritime security in the area.

PNS TIPPU SULTAN, a symbol of maritime strength and cooperation, shows Pakistan’s navy fleet’s modern features. Its presence in Colombo promotes Pakistan-Sri Lanka defense ties by encouraging collaboration in different areas of the military.

The ship’s successful journey from China to Pakistan underscores both countries’ ongoing commitment to developing bilateral relations. This trip reflects Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s mutual confidence and trust, further paving the path for expanding strategic engagement.

During its visit to Colombo Port, PNS Sultan engaged in various professional interactions and activities with his Sri Lankan counterparts. These exchanges of ideas will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the defense establishments of both countries.

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Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as close allies, are committed to strengthening their defense partnership through mutual respect and cooperation. This port call by PNS Sultan is a manifestation of fostering a stronger bond between them.

This significant event highlighted the mutual commitment of both nations toward regional stability and also underscored their dedication to forging a prosperous future together.