PM Imran Khan demands overseas Pakistanis to make investments

Imran Khan- inaugural ceremony of international hotel: Nathiagali

Islamabad, 6 September 2021 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan addressed a ceremony of an international hotel in Nathiagali on Monday. While addressing the ceremony, Khan asked the overseas Pakistanis to make investments in Pakistan.

Imran Khan demands the overseas Pakistanis to make investment projects, stabilizing the currency, and help in reviving the Pakistani economy. He said, due to the lack of opportunities in Pakistan, Non-resident Pakistanis invest in foreign countries. However, this time government is providing facilities that will help in foreign exchange and also providing job opportunities to youth.

Khan expressed his satisfaction over the industries performing with large-scale manufacturing and thus giving record growth results. Imran Khan also mentioned the importance of ”tourism” in paying off the foreign debt. He promised to give full facilitations to the tourist resorts and their development.

Furthermore, by making investments in Pakistan, non-resident Pakistanis will allow purchasing properties within the country and will provide more investment opportunities.

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