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Pakistan and Saudi Arabia commence Bilateral Naval Exercises


Karachi, 3 October 2021 (TDI): A group of vessels of Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) arrived in Karachi to hold joint naval exercises; ‘Naseem Al Bahr 13’ with Pakistan Naval Forces.

The aim of this exercise is to improve bilateral naval relations and boost the capability of both countries’ navies in combined maritime operations. These exercises include both classic and traditional collaborations and joint maritime security activities, therefore increasing interoperability among both navies.

Apart from both navies, the aviation, and aircrafts of Royal Saudi Air Forces (RSAF) are also participating. Exercise commander, Rear Admiral Sajer bin Rafeed said, this exercise is part of series of cooperative “Naseem Al-Bahr” exercises that Saudi and Pakistani naval forces have been conducting.

Admiral further added that this is the plan of joint military exercises with friendly countries, which aim to strengthen joint work between the two countries’ navies”.

Moreover, Royal Saudi Air Forces are participating in these naval exercises to improve and unify the work concepts between RSNF and Air Force.

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